Cliff_lee_babe_ruthYour chin, Cliff, it’s so ironic

Nice showing from the boys last night: Doc was his usual self (perfect). And our magical steed, Clifton, trotted out to the mound with a sparkling brand new pair of blue-trimmed horseshoes. Nayyyy. Other than one pitch grooved down the middle of the plate to Adrian Gonzalez, he pitched well. He also voiced over a montage about his hitting, saying “Babe Ruth started out as a pitcher.” Swoon.

There were the usual antics of Brian Wilson, who, despite feeling forced to hate him for what he did to us last year, I have trouble disliking. It’s not the beard, it’s the goofy sense of humor. He may legitimately be out of his mind, but he’s a damn good pitcher. 

Heath Bell got in on the act, too. But the highlight, for me, was Justin Timberlake patronizing the bejesus out of Joe Buck, another guy you dislike a lot more than I do. Me thinks there was something deeper here. That, at some point in the past, Buck criticized JT or was unable to secure him for his short-lived show. Otherwise, Timberlake, who appeared to be drunk, probably wouldn’t have senselessly embarrassed the guy on national TV.

Oh yeah, great moment when the tech guy tells the MLB Fan Cave dude to get the hell out of the way.

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