In your head, in your head

Giants, Giants, Giants

Hey, hey, hey

What's in your head, in your head

Giants, Giants, Giants

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Oh, do, do, dou, do, do, dou, do, do

Dou, do, do, dou, dou, do, do, dou


The Phillies lost another one to the Giants, 4-1. Charlie Manuel said they are not in the Phillies’ heads:

“They’re not in our heads. We can get ‘em. I know we can. It’s a matter of putting it together.”


He's right, the Giants are not in the Phillies' heads… they just have better pitching. Technically.

The Giants are the only team in the National League with a lower ERA than the Phillies (3.06 vs. 3.11). They have same amount of quality starts (69- heh) and a better opponent batting average (.227 vs. .239). Consequently, the same problems from last year's NLCS showed up this week: The Giants have a bevy (I. Love. That. Word.) of quality starters, an unbelievable relief corps, and a frightening closer. Literally. As an observer, I've lost all faith in the Phillies scoring runs once the game is turned over to the Giants' bullpen. This team makes Chase Utley and Ryan Howard disappear. 

As such… late last night, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Phillies were making progress in trade talks for Hunter Pence and, currently, Dom Brown would not be on the table, which is just great because he would probably fall off it, anyway: [FOX Sports]

The package going from Philadelphia to Houston for Pence would include Class A right-hander Jarred Cosart and Class A first baseman Jonathan Singleton, sources said.

The teams, however, continue to haggle about a third and possibly fourth player in the deal. Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown is not currently in the trade, according to one source; the Astros prefer younger prospects.


Jesus, it's like Rube's pissed that, if even for a day, Howie Roseman appeared to have the bigger dick. Nuh uh, says Rube, let me call my friend Ed Wade.

This would be an absolute heist, though I would do the trade whether it included Brown or not. Despite the opinions of the stat heads and blind loyalists, Pence is 28 (prime, yo), an All-Star, durable, and uber well-round: hits for average (career .290), with power (three straight seasons with 25 home runs), lots of doubles (already 24 this year), can run (15 steals per year), can field (unlike Dom Brown), and would be an immediate fan favorite with his quirky, all-out style of play. There are very few guys outside of the Phillies who I follow on a consistent basis, and he is one of them. 

Brown has shown us very little, albeit in a small sample size. Yes, he is fast and strong… but his bat takes 30 minutes to get through the zone, he continuously makes bonehead plays that go well beyond "rookie mistakes," and he can't field. At all. The highest ceiling for Brown is someone just slightly better than Pence (think 2009 Jayson Werth). Why wait and cross fingers, when you could essentially press the fast-forward button and bring the right-handed version of Brown here now?

Plus, Pence would be adored in this city. He's goofy and good- a rare combination. And loves pancakes, too:

I’ll have what he’s having.

In case you needed any more convincing, Pence is reportedly dating Houston Texans cheerleader Lindsay Slott:


Tim Lincecum bothers me:

Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 9.07.03 AM

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Finally, this guy:


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