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Thanks to reader Jesse for that frightening Photoshop. Here's the accompanying commercial. I love how that thing was made by "Galoob," I feel like they made every 80s child toy.

– A quick roundup today. According to FOX Sports, not only are the Phillies serious contenders for Carlos Beltran, but they're also serious contenders for Melky Cabrera: [FOX Sports]

Philadelphia officials have spoken with the Royals about acquiring Melky Cabrera, a fellow switch-hitting outfielder whose 2011 numbers aren’t too far behind Beltran’s. Cabrera entered Wednesday with a .793 OPS, compared to .911 for Beltran. 

The conversations between the Phillies and Royals are serious enough that names have been exchanged, according to a major-league source, but no deal for Cabrera was close as of early Wednesday evening. 


– Matt Gelb writes about the room in Wrigley the Phillies used to keep cool: []

The Room is small – no bigger than 12 by 6 feet. Before Wednesday it was possibly a closet. Inside are three flat-screen TVs, two computers, an air-conditioning unit, and two fans, making it the most modern spot in 97-year-old Wrigley Field.

Vance Worley did not know about The Room until minutes before he twirled eight innings in a 9-1 Phillies drubbing of the sad-sack Cubs. A day before, the 23-year-old pitcher drank eight Gatorades, seven waters, and a Pedialyte to prepare for the heat that conquered Roy Halladay on Monday – only for his sleep to be disrupted by added bathroom trips.


-Here's Vance talking about it. Is it just me, or does he always seem strung out?

– The Phillies are on pace to set a franchise record in wins.

– David Hale makes the case for Antonio Bastardo to continue his closing duties.

– According to ESPN Boston, the Red Sox will again play in Philly next year. World Series rematch?

– Here are bunch of pictures of Chase Utley from the time he was a kid.

– Finally, here's the awful, unfunny, mostly awkward Chase Utley and Ryan Howard cartoon you keep sending me: