New 3D Ballpark Painting to Appear in Left Field at Citizens Bank Park

Phillies_3d_paintingPhoto: Wasabi 3-D

Visit Philly just posted this on their Facbeook Page: [Visit Philly]

Beginning Friday, July 8 and continuing throughout the 2011 regular season, fans can visit the With Love 3-D Art at Citizens Bank Park for a special souvenir photo.

Located near the Left Field Gate at the start of Ashburn Alley, the 10-foot by 22 foot piece of 3-D artwork let’s fans pose with everyone’s favorite mascot — the Phillie Phanatic — while standing on a customized With Love, Philadelphia XOXO ™ love letter rising above a stylized Citizens Bank Park.

A professional photographer will be on hand through the 7th inning of each home game to take free photographs of fans who want their picture posted on our Visit Philly Facebook page.

Fans are also encouraged to take photos with their own personal camera or cell phone. The photographer will assist any fans looking get a snapshot from the perfect angle.


I'm assuming we're just not going to tell them that the left field dimensions are all wrong? OK, got it.


via (@VisitPhilly)

Over/under on how many cheerleader poses inebriated coeds perform on top of the Phanatic?

Video after the jump.

3-D Artwork Comes To Phillies' Ballpark:

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14 Responses

  1. Nice and all, but isn’t there enough of a bottleneck at that spot in the stadium already? Why didn’t they move those horrendous looking Chevys they’re hawking, and put it there.

  2. Wow great, another piece of art at the ballpark that wouldnt exist if the team wasnt any good. I hope once this team wins their next World Series, they suck again just to eliminate nonsense like this and the frontrunning “fans” that come with it.

  3. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Is the top photo of the painting in a different spot than in the video and 2nd picture?

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