Everything finance today. As we mentioned earlier, Chase, Jimmy, Shane, and Cole were on a bit of a media tour this morning promoting Philly Financial Today. We talked to Chase. 97.5 talked J-Roll™ and asked him about giving the Phillies a hometown discount when his contract is up at the end of the year.

"I'm definitely not going to take less, you don't have to worry about that part. I came up in this organization. With Jayson, ya know, I think was originally drafted by the Baltimore Orioles and then Pat Gillick made sure that he gave him a chance to thrive here and he did exactly that. There's a difference between a guy who's been around a couple years and bounced from here to here and who finally has his chance to get paid, and you don't get that money back. If he would have taken less money to stay here, it's not like the Phillies were going to say "here, let's give you a bonus of $30 million because you stayed here, or you do well or we continue to win." That doesn't happen. He had to think about his future and I'm different, I came up with the organization, so I helped be a building block and when the time comes all of that will play itself out. But there is no such thing as a hometown discount, or, you know, things of that nature. Business is business, and the money is going to be the money, and the numbers is going to be the numbers."


There you have it, money is money, numbers are numbers… and rings, home, and winning are, apparently, worthless.

J-Roll™ also said that Plaxico Burress told him he wears a Phillies cap because Jimmy is his favorite player. My God, Plaxico is publicly fornicating this city. He did it again today.

You can listen to J-Roll's™ interview right… hither.