Paul Holmgren Conference Call Audio

Holmgren held a conference call with reporters tonight. What you all want to know: Is he done, and what about Brad Richards?

"Uh… we're still talking, for sure. Whether we're in or not [Richards], I think that would be a tough one. 


More moves left?

"We still have a little flexbility. I don't know. You never know what can come up."


He didn't sound done.

The audio is after the jump. Starts around 45 second mark.

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22 Responses

  1. Bad day to be a Flyers fan. They sign a 39 yr old washed up homo to take leino’s place. Hope the shenn kid turns out to be a player

  2. I suppose you would want to pay Leino almost 5 million a year? Well I’m glad you’re not in the front office. People act like Jagr is coming out of retirement; he’s been playing hockey this whole time. Talbot is a great pick-up and we trimmed the fat getting Carcillo the hell out of here. Sean O’Donnell did a little more than jack shit, other than look like John LeClair’s clone-gone-wrong. Stop crying, this team will be fine.

  3. Horrible day for the Flyers. How much worse did they just get?
    Every player with any personality is gone? He basically turned them into the 76ers.

  4. You’re a retard – Leino wanted too much money for what he was worth, good for him that Buffalo paid it. Talbot is the glue and grit that we lost with Lappy. Jagr… I mean the dude had 80pts 3 years ago in the NHL and kept it up in the KHL, why not, better than Zherdev. They aren’t done, and I haven’t seen a mistake yet. Got rid of the 30 goal a year frat boy drunks to make room to let the real players play. Got younger and smarter – if you don’t see it go back to watching Tennis.

  5. Ville Lieno has 30 career goals in his 3 season career. Are you going to pay someone with that kind of numbers more than Claude Giroux???
    You don’t even deserve to start a Franchise in NHL 11.
    Voracek is a better player then Leino…And also much younger. Why the hell is everyone forgetting about the 21 year old we got who’s racked up 3 50pt seasons in Columbus (wait, Columbus has a hockey team??)
    Kid’s good.

  6. Uneducated Philadelphia hockey fans are the worst type of fans in the world. All the points made above about Jagr, Voracek, Talbot are all spot on…the Flyers got rid of two punks that were more worried about the tail at public house than winning the cup. It’s fine to hate jagr and talbot as Penguins but now they are in orange and neither were bad players with Pitt (Talbot has a stanley cup game winning goal…Jeff Carter could have had a game 6 stanley cup game winning goal but oh wait…)

  7. Ok, so pretty much people seem to be split on this one. I for one think that Jagr was a bad pick up because he won’t be worth the 3.3 we’re giving him. will he score 25 goals? Probably, but then he’ll also get hurt in the spring and be out for the playoffs. He may have played the last 3 years but that was in a Russian league that is a joke compared to the AHL, let alone the NHL. Max was a great pickup and I think he’ll be a great replacement for Carcillo, although I hate to see him go. Also getting rid of Richie and Carter and getting these young guys will be of no difference. They new guys will make up for the points we lost in getting rid of Carts and Richie because now they’re not playing on a shitty team and are playing with stars like Briere and Giroux. Also the comment about O’Donnell not doing anything, the guy was a good solid defensemen. Racked up a pretty good plus-minus for someone who didn’t do anything.

  8. No one’s split. Smart Flyers fans realize the regime change and embrace it, while dumb ones are still wondering why Richards & Carter aren’t in Olde City banging 17-year olds.

  9. I don’t think anyone hates the Jagr signing so much in & of itself. I think people hagte the idea that THAT was Homer’s “BIG” signing. When the team effectively dumps Richards and then does very little with that cap space, that’s a big let-down.
    I LOVE that we no longer have Versteeg, Carcillo, Zherdev, etc. And NO WAY should we have paid Ville Leino $4.5 million/year. (Is Buffalo freaking nuts?!?)
    If there is another big roster move to come, I’m OK with all of these deals. Jagr will be solid & will more than make up for losing Zherdev & Leino.
    What’s more is that we now have a handful of players who have won the Stanley Cup & know what it takes to do so again.
    Just tell me that Homer has one more trick up his sleeve. I hope he throws everyone a curve & goes for Drew Doughty instead of Stamkos.

  10. Ahh the real uneducated fans cant do math and realize that Richards and Carter for the next 5 years will accidently score more goals than Jagr and Talbot put together. So the educated fans can do math and see that we went older, go less offense, and now are a rebuilding team. We needed one goalie and small tinkers here and there. Instead we blew up the team because Richards and Carter are enjoying being 20 years old. GTFO. They score. They work hard. And their isnt a single soul in the NHL that will tell you Richards isnt a two way player. We took two steps back ladies and gentleman. Welcome to a rebuilding franchise.

  11. I like your thinking iwj514!! While I’m glad that Carter’s gone I personally think Richards would have grown up with his departure. Mike’s gonna surprise the flyer fans with the talent he’s got and we let go.He might have had problems with our beat reporter’s but who dosen’t?

  12. I agree with the last two comments. This team was thisclose to winning a Cup. The only thing stopping them? NOT HAVING A GOALIE. They got that. Trading Carter to get the cap space would have been PLENTY. Everybody loving Richards being dumped (for a guy who is, at his best potential, supposed to be the next… MIKE RICHARDS- and it’s not like Schenn is cheap- if he makes the squad it’s over $3M cap hit) says he didn’t perform in the playoffs. Let’s give up on the “what have you done for me lately” attitude a bit. Guy performed in the playoffs. Was one of the best two way players in the league. Might have been the BEST penalty killer in the league.
    They gave that up for what? To get kids who MAY turn out to be great, and the typical Ed Snider overreaction reach to players past their prime. This is the same attitude that has kept this team from winning a Cup for 30 years. They were on their way, they were so close, all they needed was the goalie.
    They went way overboard.
    Now, if they aren’t done, and that “big” move comes, I may change my mind. But as of now? Bad offseason. You went from probable Cup contender if things went right, to having to hope and pray things go perfectly to have a chance at making a run.
    This team is NOT better than it was the last two years. It could be better in 3 years… but Pronger and Timonen will be three years older and who knows if they will be playing or not. Next year, with JUST picking up Bryz, would have been their best shot over the next 5 years at a Cup. They gave up on it for hope for 3-4 years from now. Mistake.
    And everyone loves Talbot. We had a Talbot, who wasn’t nearly as big a douche and wouldn’t have been as expensive. His name was Darrol Powe. I never heard of HIM partying too much.

  13. iwj514 said it perfectly. Everyone in their 20s parties the way Richards and Carter do, especially athletes. Should we trade Desean Jackson?? Pat Burrell partied the whole time he was here along with a ton of other Phillies that won it all in 2008. Imagine how terrible this team is going to be if Jagr doesn’t produce. Imagine the team a year from now regardless. Giroux and Reimer better be absolute, complete superstars and their extremely injury-prone older players like Pronger better not get hurt. Great bet Flyers management. Enjoy the good goalie. The Sixers are further along in the rebuilding process so I think I’ll be watching them.

  14. Let’s also not forget that essentially the entire team that won way back when in the 70s partied constantly.

  15. I think everyone who hates the new team is overreating and being typical 610 callers. Lets recap.Flyers offseason: Additions: Schenn, Simmonds, Voracek, Bryz, Couturier, Jagr, Talbot,Lilja, draft picks + cap space left. Subtractions: Carter, Richie, Versteeg, Powe, Leino, Carcillo,O’Donnell and Bouch. I am sorry but I don’t see the major downgrade and becoming in “rebuilding” mode.

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