Really, guys?

While this is likely nothing more than a depth move, if they go out and get Carlos Beltran, the Phillies are going to start looking like the 2007 Mets. Nobody wants that.

If you remember, the Phillies absolutely owned Aaron Heilman for a two or three-year stretch. He possesses the rare quality that just makes him look like a loser on the mound. In fact, he even has game named after him in our Illadictionary:

Any game in which a comeback is inevitable against a shaken closer. Phils win in an epic – and often hilarious – fashion. See also: Broxton, Jonathan; Wagner, Billy. Heightened: Stream Out of the Dugout Game, or, when done in postseason, takes on the name Jimmmmy!!!


Now would also be a good time to note that Heilman had a 6.88 ERA this year with Arizona.

In other news, Joe Blanton is going to have his elbow examined in Philadelphia. Not good.