Phils Fans Say He’s Fat, Bell is Down with That


Annnnd we'll enter Friday night on a Sir Mix-A-Lot reference.


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  1. Duh, I can’t read things on a mobile browser. I didn’t see that you had already credited Mr. Mix-a-Lot until after I posted that comment. Please disregard.

  2. I made it about three minutes into a match before calling it quits. The talent gap between FIFA and the MLS is enormous and proved too wide to bridge- think trying to go from watching the Eagles to Villanova football. Not happening. Even my uneducated eye could see the vast inferiority of most of the players.

  3. Vick’s deal with MusclePharm would be for two years guaranteed, with an option for a third year and would include substantial bonuses based on Vick reaching the Pro Bowl, and the Eagles reaching the playoffs and also the Super Bowl.

  4. the third year is picked up. Vick would also receive $100,000 in MusclePharm stock per year and the first two years would include $200,000 in base compensation, and $250,000 in the third year

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