Reports: Phillies Had Deal in Place for Pence, Beltran Likely to Giants

It looks like Carlos Beltran may soon be off the table. According to Tim Brown of Yahoo, Carlos Beltran and his mole are most likely going to be Giants (read: uh oh, Cody Ross redux). That leaves the Phillies with… Hunter Pence?

Jayson Stark reports the Phillies had a deal in place for Pence which included Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, and another prospect, but the Astros balked. Apparently, Ed Wade located his testiculars.

The Phillies are a team that loves to stalk The Big Deal this time of year. And it's now become clear to clubs that have spoken with the Phillies that if that Big Deal is for a bat, almost all their bullets are being aimed at Hunter Pence.

In fact, over the last 24 hours, two different front-office men — neither of whom works for the Phillies or Astros — told us they believed the Phillies "had a deal for him" earlier in the week, only to have Houston back off.


Houston wants Worley, according to Stark, but the Phillies might not be willing to move him. Sell, Ruben. Sell! Sell!

Other names Stark threw out there were Jason Giambi, Jeff Francoeur (oh fuck me), and Ryan Ludwick.

It's like every local team is turning into the July 2011 Flyers. Missed opportunities for. the. win!

via ESPN

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46 Responses

  1. NO WAY RAJ wouldn’t include Worley. He is entirely too smart for that. He’s probably just balking at that so he doesn’t have to substitute Worley for that second pitching prospect, but Cosart instead. Worley, Singleton and that second pitching prospect? DO IT RAJ. DO IT NOW. RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

  2. also, thank god ed wade was stupid enough to decline that. two of our top 3 prospects for hunter pence? really?

  3. No it doesn’t. It’s just fine next to Frenchy. There will be no Francoeur here.
    What about Melky Cabrerra?

  4. Ruben likes pitchers. I doubt that he’ll consider moving Worley, and I like the kid. I honestly don’t smell Happ on him.

  5. it belongs next to both of them.
    i dont want to give up worley. he will result in more wins than pence will this year. plus, mayberry deserves to start in right from here on out.
    we dont need to make any big moves.

  6. Exactly K. We have the most wins in baseball. We don’t need a blockbuster trade. How high was Ed Wade to decline that trade? Singleton AND Cosart? Wow. I would’ve jumped at that. That’s the type of trade thay may very well have saved his job.
    I’m all for improving the team. I don’t mind trading Singleton because he’s blocked, but no way they should deal Vanimal or Cosart.
    I think Worley has the potential to be really good.

  7. Mayberry will regress. He’s just not that good.
    I love what Worley is doing right now, but he’ll come back to Earth once the league sees enough of him. You give him up for a guy like Pence any day of the week.

  8. …if they’re going to sell high on Worley, I want something BIG, and there’s not anything out there that would be worth it.
    I wish the Diamondbacks were in the cellar still, because Worley for Justin Upton would be magnificent.

  9. Worley. Everybody. Seriously, look at Kyle’s analysis of his pitches. It’s legit. The kid might be good, but he will NEVER be this good again. Teams will get a book on him (hint: he throws fastballs low in the zone) and figure him out. He doesn’t have one legit dominating pitch. Those pitchers don’t normally work out.
    What do you guys have against Pence? At the WORST he is the next Jayson Werth during his time in Philly. We’ve seen that work. Pence KILLS it at CBP. There’s no reason not to make that deal. NO reason at all.
    Worley may result in more regular season wins this year, but not playoff wins. Pence contributes to EVERY playoff game. Worley? MAYBE two. And we don’t need Worley’s regular season wins. We go .500 the rest of the way, we have 95 wins and are in.

  10. truthfully… it all depends on whether or not oswalt is going to finish out this season healthy. if he is good to go from here on out — deal worley for pence.
    otherwise, put your dick down RAJ, live to smack another day.

  11. Mikey Miss is saying the rumor was Cosart, Singleton and another prospect but the Astros wanted Worley and the Phillies balked.

  12. You know J.T. I think I’ll agree there. He really doesn’t have an out pitch. His stuff isn’t electric. His fastball doesn’t have a lot of life, and the thought of getting Hunter Pence while still keeping Dom Brown, Singleton and Cosart.
    I’m all in. You have swayed me. Pull the trigger Rube.
    Smug face, for the win!

  13. The Phillies don’t NEED to trade Worley. The Astros would be happy with guys floating in AAA. They save money, which is the biggest up side. More money to be spent on drafting etc…
    With that said, it’ll take a decent haul from the farm to do it.
    I don’t think Wade wants to take a deal that looks to favor Philly. Again. And that does make a difference.

  14. You’re insane if you think the Phillies should trade Worley for Hunter Fucking Pence. You’re absolutely insane.

  15. Way to back up your argument there Jordan.
    You’re fucking insane if you think the sky is blue. Absolutely insane.
    See how that doesn’t work if I don’t back it up?

  16. I agree with J.T. I like Worley, but let’s get real, he’s not the second coming of Cole Hamels. Given a choice between him or Pence, I choose Hunter’s bat in our lineup. Besides, come playoff time when the rotation is shortened to four, maybe three starters, count on that fourth guy being Roy Oswalt once he’s back while Worley languishes in the bullpen or is sent down to the minors AGAIN. And by the time next season rolls around, the NL will have a book on Worley, so unless he adds another pitch to his repetoire, we could be looking at J.A. Happ 2.0. I say Ruben should pull the trigger, or sweeten the original offer with another prospect and see if Wade will budge. Worley is the future (if he has one here), but Pence is the here and now, and that’s the important thing.

  17. Pull the trigger on something. Colvin, May, and Rizzotti along with another reasonable prospect. Make it happen…but if they turned down Singleton and Cosart I doubt that would work.

  18. Worley IS better than Happ ever WAS/IS. He’s got that sneaky ass inside cutting fastball, he throws a mean hook, as evidenced when he used it last night for a strike, and he’s hitting his spots with every pitch when he wants to. His BABIP is low saying he’ll come back to earth, but I think I see him improving. And being he’s a rookie, he just might get better. He’s a 3-4-5 as it is now for how much $$$? Look what they paid Blanton to be a 4-5 pitcher.

  19. “Jeff Francoeur (oh fuck me)”
    Yes, I believe he will, along with the Phillies and their fans if the Phillies FO pulls a Flyers-esque* move to get him.
    *: D’ya like me grammatickle stylings there, eh Laddie?

  20. J.T. – All you Pence lovers act like he is gonna come in here and revolutionize the offense. In your dreams. Phils have a lot of offensive holes that aren’t gonna be plugged by one guy with very ho-hum pitch recognition (only 29 BB this year, .339 OBP).
    Pitching, particularly young pitching, on the other hand, is a premium, especially the way the game has developed the last couple of years. The Phillies have a Big 3 right now in Halladay, Lee and Hamels. That’s awesome. But if they got rid of Worley, they would then have TWO huge question marks in the back end of their rotation – Kendrick (just shoot me now), and someone else – Blanton? Oswalt? If they ever come back healthy. Who knows? Worley, as we all know, has been superb. To get rid of a young pitcher who is dirt-cheap and under team control for a guy with a .339 OBP is NUTS. Just nuts.
    Plus, has anyone noticed Mayberry et. al. starting to hit?

    If he isn’t, who’s your #4 starter? KENDRICK?! Then who’s #5???

  22. I’ll volunteer to pitch the 4th and 5th days. And the team will STILL go over .500 the rest of the way, make the playoffs, and not need a 4th starter.

  23. Oh, and I don’t think RAJ is going to do anything with Worley. While the guy is hot, you gotta go with what you got (Doing my Sarge impression there). Why? Fat Joe is out. Kendrick is shaky and due for a total sucktastic collapse if he’s put into the regular rotation, and there’s a lot to worry about how Lil Roy will do and not have any more health issues. And one more thing: You heard of “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”? Well, the going isn’t tough. Even without dependable production from a RHB, the Phillies are winning. Hence, the going ain’t tough, and there’s no need for the tough to get going. Savvy? Yeah, so while RAJ wants a RHB, he’s not going to break a sweat over it.

  24. and great, they could make the playoffs without a solid #4 and #5. Where does that leave us for the post season? Sure didn’t work out last year.

  25. All of you who are saying Worley isn’t that good must not watch baseball. Worley is 7-1 with a 2.02 ERA in 11 starts with a 1.09 WHIP and opponents are only hitting .199 against him. He is now coming off his first complete game. He will regress a little I’m, sure but you don’t have those stats as a fluke of people not seeing you before.

  26. @fresh
    How many times did Joe Blanton start last postseason? Oh, that’s right. ONCE. Would be twice MAX if they make the World Series. That wasn’t what “didn’t work out last year.” You know what WAS that reason? Hitting .215 as a team (or whatever the exact number was). Keeping Worley and not getting Pence does NOTHING to improve the hitting, which is EXACTLY what the problem was. Thanks for proving my point for me.
    Not saying Worley isn’t good. We’re saying he’s not as good as his numbers, which is exactly what you said. He’s pitching like an ace- he doesn’t have ace stuff. So yes, his first time through the league is a HUGE reason why his numbers are so good. Did you see what the Mets did to him the second time they saw him? That’s right, they lit him up. He’s a number 4, number 3 AT BEST. You deal that for offensive help this year all day every day.

  27. Even if one buys the argument that it’s all about going for it this year (and I don’t completely), that argument is a justification for KEEPING Worley. He’s a hot hand.

  28. And while I’m at it, the Phillies dodged a bullet when Wade upped the ante. Pence is good but overrated. He’s not a put a team over the top talent and he’s not worth two A list prospects.

  29. J.T. He’s still a developing talent. He’s 23. You can’t say “this is his ceiling” with a guy like that. With that said 3-4 is about all you could expect from him and at his price you keep him as exactly that. Oswalt is done after this season, and maybe out injured for the remaining season. Amaro can’t trade Worley without getting back someone to fill his shoes pitching every fifth day.

  30. @Philsmania
    How does keeping Worley help you win the World Series? (I’m not saying he’s bad or I don’t like him, I’m saying he’s a great chip to use with great value right now) Again- you need to go .500 the rest of the season to guarantee making the playoffs (95 wins). Hamels, Halladay and Lee will probably win those 30 games by themselves. Then, in the playoffs, you need your 4th starter TWICE AT MOST. How does keeping him and not getting an everyday player for him help you more than getting better offensively (which is what doomed the team last year)?
    Pence is overrated? Just like Jayson Werth. So, no, I wouldn’t sign Pence for 7 years, $126M. But I WOULD take him for two and a half years at, I believe, $4-6M per year. That’s perfect value for him when he will give you the same kind of production Werth did. And he’s a career .300 hitter at CBP.

  31. For those of you saying that Worley will cool off once teams see him enough, how does Hamels keep doing so well? Teams have seen him for years now and he is a premier pitcher in the league still. Sometimes pitchers are just good. Why trade Worley when he has been consistently good?

  32. Normally I would do this deal. But we dont know what Oswalt is going to give us the rest of the year, and if he is back next year.I agree that the league will catch up with Worley, but he is better than Happ was.
    I would sell Eddie Wade on Dom Brown and Cosart. He isnt going to win on pitching with that team.

  33. @Rex
    Hamels also had the “most dominant” changeup in the majors when he came up, and it’s still a plus pitch. When you have a devastating pitch, that’s when you become great. J.A. Happ was consistently good last year. We traded him. How’s that 6.18 ERA look? Would you want that back. Look at Vance’s BABIP- .230. There’s only 6 NL pitchers with a BABIP that is lower. That would suggest he has gotten lucky (4 of the last 6 outs last night were DEEP fly balls- prime example). Last night he got ZERO swings and misses. Zero. That’s telling that he doesn’t have great stuff.
    Again, you don’t need a 4th starter the rest of the year. You can lose those games and still easily make the playoffs.

  34. Don’t do it, Ruben! Don’t part with Worley under any circumstances! Oswalt’s back goes balky again, you do not want Kyle Kendrick starting Game 4!

  35. Worley is a tough guy to trade, but the main problem in the original trade is Singleton AND Cosart, our top two prospects. There has to be someone who may not be as good but can be traded for at less cost

  36. Why is everyone so hot on giving up Worley in any deal for Pence but say no to any deal that gives up Brown? Did you see Brown try to field that ball? He is toxic in the outfield. Who doesn;t hold their breath when a ball is hit to him? And notice his swing: does it not remind you of Howard’s? A large long swing ending with one hand on the bat as he helplessly swings at a outside breaking ball. Trade him. He will never ever amount to anything. If Wednesday’s game doesn’t reinforce the need for a proven hitter in the middle of the line up I do not know what does.

  37. if the phillies give anything more than a bat boy and a cannoli for that french faggot francoeur I’ll probably lose it

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