It looks like Carlos Beltran may soon be off the table. According to Tim Brown of Yahoo, Carlos Beltran and his mole are most likely going to be Giants (read: uh oh, Cody Ross redux). That leaves the Phillies with… Hunter Pence?

Jayson Stark reports the Phillies had a deal in place for Pence which included Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart, and another prospect, but the Astros balked. Apparently, Ed Wade located his testiculars.

The Phillies are a team that loves to stalk The Big Deal this time of year. And it's now become clear to clubs that have spoken with the Phillies that if that Big Deal is for a bat, almost all their bullets are being aimed at Hunter Pence.

In fact, over the last 24 hours, two different front-office men — neither of whom works for the Phillies or Astros — told us they believed the Phillies "had a deal for him" earlier in the week, only to have Houston back off.


Houston wants Worley, according to Stark, but the Phillies might not be willing to move him. Sell, Ruben. Sell! Sell!

Other names Stark threw out there were Jason Giambi, Jeff Francoeur (oh fuck me), and Ryan Ludwick.

It's like every local team is turning into the July 2011 Flyers. Missed opportunities for. the. win!

via ESPN