Video: Ricky Bottalico Discusses the “Bulging Dick” in Roy Oswalt’s Back

The funny thing about Roy Oswalt's back, Jules……..

Tonight on Daily News Live, Ricky Bo was asked if he thought Roy Oswalt will return this season. You know, if Little Roy just had the bulging disc, he may… but he might want to get that other thing looked at:

We were asked to remove the video. It still exists on the internet.

Ah yes, the infamous bulging dick, made famous by Steve Levy on SportsCenter. The best part of this video, though, is clearly when Barkann says "You're right, it's terrible."

Yes it is, Mike.

H/T to Ray for the video


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  1. Im not shocked that this asshole said dick, he looks like hes always half drunk on this show anyway…sucked as a pitcher and sucks at life!….so what RHB are the Phils gonna get?

  2. well, since this idiot doesn’t know a hole in the ground to a bottle of whiskey (or maybe he knows it all to well), what is going on with lil Roy’s back?

  3. I love this site. Don’t get me wrong, Kyle, but e-fucking-nough with the Superbad reference. Seriously? Funny thing about my back, Jules, is that it’s played out.

  4. Actually, I feel that that was the most tasteful TFTARB,J yet. Not a title, but still there, like a little epigraph before TS Elliot comes on the screen to tell me that Roy Oswalt has a bulging dick.

  5. so what if I listen to 660 the fan in the mornings because I cant stand mike n mike for longer than 4 minutes or 610 for as long as it takes me to recognize angelo’s voice (instantly)…point being: Kyle, dont sweat it, i know what you’re up to, boomer has been making an ass of himself by using the meet the parents “i have nipples greg” line to death and laughing like we all just heard it over the last two days. Your superbad reference for over a month straight makes it obvious to most of us that you cant possibly think it’s actually funny but rather use it as a headline to say, “Hey guys, got some polanco info”

  6. Give the guy a break. So he flubbed on a comment, granted, it was rather funny, but still, we all make mistakes. Ricky’s simply came on a bigger stage than most. I’d like to see any of you geniuses stand in front of a live camera with thousands of people hanging on your every word and not screw up like Ricky did.

  7. “I’m purposely lampooning my own joke here.”
    That you think it’s your “own joke” IS the joke (not the lampooning part).
    Yes Boy-yle, we’re laughing at you, not with you.

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