Roy Halladay Named All-Star Game Starter

Roy_halladay_all_star_game_starter"Yesss… I pitch you until your arm falls off"

Roy Halladay was officially named the All-Star Game starter by manager Bruce Bochy. Despite what Doc may say today, him and Rich Dubee probably aren't thrilled: [ on July4th]


"The older you get and the older they get," Halladay said, "that's one of the biggest perks of going."

The Phillies ace just isn't very keen on the idea of starting the game for the National League.

"Obviously you go there to pitch and that's the main idea, but there are definitely other guys that are worthy of it," Halladay said. "Whether they ask me or not I don't know. The only thing I always try to keep in mind is how is this going to affect me going forward?"



"You're looking at a guy that's leading the league in innings pitched by a pretty good size," Dubee said. "I don't know that you can deny [the starting job]. It would be an honor. But at the same time, this guy is taking on a big workload again, like he always does. We'll wait and see what happens."


Either way, it will be cool to see Doc take the hill tomorrow night.

Halladay told reporters he checked with Dubee when he was told that he would start the game.

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15 Responses

  1. Maybe Boche thinks a few less bullets in Halladay’s arm will benefit him in the playoffs. Who knows? I was hoping several other pitchers other than Halladay and Lee would start.

  2. He’s only throwing an inning or two at the most, but I would’ve liked to see Jair Jurjens start and get lit up.
    Bochey is such damn homer I’m surprised Ryan Vogelsong isn’t starting.

  3. honestly, Jair Jurrjens has the lowest era and the highest win total in the national league, how exactly is roy halladay the starter? i gotta side with stop2think here, i mean roy’s lights out, and probably a fan favorite for his staying power in the league, but that’s a pretty silly decision by bochy unless there’s other things cooking. i mean, two innings ain’t much but still.

  4. Halladay has 6 CG’s to Jurjens’ 2. Halladay has 138 K’s to Jurjens’ 65. Halladay’s WHIP is 1.02. Jurjens is 1.06. Doc’ also has him on innings pitched and it’s not close. Doc’ is the best pitcher in the game. Jurjens has Doc in Wins and ERA, but based on his BABIP and the other stats I’ve listed, I’d say it’s safe to assume that he’s not even the best pitcher on his own team. (Tommy Hanson)

  5. I’d prefer Jurrjens to start (Halladay has already outpitched him by 32.9 innings – practically four whole games) but the idea that he should get the nod based on ERA and W’s is ridiculous.

  6. Halladay has twice as many K’s because Jurrjens is a ground ball pitcher, nice try though. I’m a Phillies fan, but Jurrjens is pitching just as well if not better than Doc this year.

  7. He’ll throw 30 pitches on a day that he would have thrown a bullpen anyway and wont start again until Sunday or Monday.
    Charlie being scared to take him out 5-1 game until he throws 120+ pitches will hurt him more than this.

  8. Dubee and Chollie concerned with his innings pitched, like they have no control over how many innings he pitches? they are the ones that let him go 9 innings every start! Stop kidding yourself Dooobs…..

  9. Hey FACE, you may want to consider this stat: Doc has more innings pitched because he has 3 more starts than JJ. JJ began the season on the DL. Innings pitched is a useless stat.

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