As has been reported previously, Roy Oswalt would consider retiring after this season. The Phillies have a club option on Oswalt next season, so, should they decide to keep him, he would be owed $16 million. If they decide to not pick up his option, they would still have to pay Oswalt $2 million. Not a bad deal, really. But Oswalt doesn't care about money and he may decide to retire, even if he is offered the $16 million option. 

Roy Oswalt reporter extraordinair Mandy Housenick has the comments: [Allentown Morning Call]

"This [game] has been great to me and I have things that I thought I'd never have if I would have done something else," he admitted. "I guess a lot of people would say if they throw this big contract in front of your face you have to take it. But money doesn't bring happiness that you strive for in life.

"I'll kind of decide where I'm at after the season. I have to see if I can pitch. I'm not going to come back and sit on the DL. I'm not that type."


It's crazy to think that Oswalt, who is only 33 and can still pitch at a high level, would retire… but such is life for folks from Mississippi. There's some huntin' to be done. Or something like that.

Just a friendly reminder that the Four Aces might not hold that moniker for long.