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Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 8.03.21 AMSo, Michael Martinez came out of his shell last night. He helped the Phillies achieve a season high in runs (14) and hits (18). (Source:

Good morning, minions. It's been a while. Last time I dropped grammatical stylings, Paul Holmgren had just finished blowing up the Flyers and had yet to fill the void left by the departure of seven starting forwards from this year's playoff roster- a roster that finished the season with the third most points and goals scored in the NHL. What's that Scoob? There’s still a void? - bangs table in an angry fashion –

If you compare the full-season stats of the top five scorers the Flyers let go (Richards, Carter, Leino, Versteeg, and Powe) with the five forwards added thus far (Jagr, Schenn, Voracek, Simmonds, and Talbot*) the Flyers lost 45 goals, 33 assists, and 78 points from their lineup.

Someone said to me that the changes made to the Flyers were “addition by subtraction.” I may have struggled on my timed tests in grade school, but I'm fairly certain the third highest scoring team in the league minus 45 goals equals the 25th scoring team in the league. So can someone please explain to me where the beef is located? The Flyers are hungry… for goals.

Reader Tony emailed me over the weekend and said that he felt Ed Snider and Holmgren had a knee-jerk reaction to what transpired over the final months of the season:

I think Snider fucked up, bad.  He and the management had such a knee-jerk reaction after last year's debacle he blew up the team to get his goalie…an idea he REFUSED to even endorse for the last decade +…and now we're left with putting our faith in Girioux(fine), JVR who is still unproven IMO, and a bunch of hopefuls from the trades that haven't even netted 20 goals in a season….

Maybe I'm still butt-hurt over Richie getting trade so I could be biased but I think Flyers fans are delusional right now if they think this team is better now than before the trades.  With Gags and a few other solid scorers signing elsewhere I think the Flyers missed out on filling some holes


He's right. It's like Homer got drunk and, in a jealous rage, cheated on his girlfriend, all because she never called him back. In reality, she was just taking a nap and her phone was on silent. Now, Homer realizes he made a huge mistake, paid too much on dinner for the mistress, and is left without anyone. He goes through his phone to find a rebound, but none of his options are single: the hot girl from the gym moved to New York (Brad Richards), his old fling is out in LA (Simon Gagne), and Steven Stamkos just keeps cock-teasing him with salacious sexts- nothing more.

*Jagr's stats are based on his final season with the Rangers in 2008 (25G, 46A, 71Pts), which I think we can all agree would be the best case scenario for this season. They are offset a bit, however, by Schenn only having played in eight games last year. In short, expect less from Jagr, but more from Schenn this year.


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Here now is a roundup of some stuff that was missed over the extended long-weekend:

Shaq wants you to vote for Shane Victorino to make the All-Star team… but Victo may be headed for the DL. He has a Grade 1 thumb sprain.

– Andy Reid's son Britt was pulled over for speeding and reckless driving.

– Roy Halladay (and Rich Dubee) isn't keen on the starting the All-Star Game.

Bryz wants your suggestions for what to put on his helmet. I vote for a picture of a dead Jeff Carter… or "Nice and Bryzy" emblazoned on the chin. Just no more Russian attire, however. Check out this recently Tweeted pic- the guy on the left is the one who helped him set up his account.

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 12.09.03 AMThe color blue is staging a coup (poet!)

– Jagr turned down better offers to join the Flyers.

– Ellis Hobbs said Sean McDermott told defenders to ignore the NFL's saftey video, which explained guidelines on violent hits.

– Corey Stokes punched a kid. This is just another run-in with the law for a (former) 'Nova player.

– Mike Wise of the Washington Post bashes Philly fans, saying that we are indeed worse than other fans. Then he goes on to say that stuff happens everywhere. That's not good logic.

Sarcasm and the old “They booed Santa Claus” anecdote cloud two facts about their fans. If major markets like Washington had half their passion and lack of patience, losing franchises would be forced to make real, not cosmetic, change.

And the downside: that Eagles-Phillies-Flyers-Sixers zealotry has manifested itself in some of the most violent, ugly, life-altering confrontations imaginable.


– Pittsburgh continues their unhealthy obsession with all things Flyers, thanks to the acquisitions of Jagr and Talbot. Here's a headline from the Tribune-Review over the weekend:

Screen shot 2011-07-06 at 7.54.44 AM

– Finally, readers doing cool things:

Check out Goodnight Snack to see what happens when pop culture meets politics. Hint: usually sex.

Like beer? Reader Ryan is starting up a blog about visiting breweries, Travels in Beerdom.

Everyone wants to know when we're throwing our hat into the 97.5 Dream Job contest. The contestant we're officially backing? Nick. He's good. Watch his video… after the jump.

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Thanks to all the readers who sent these links in over the extended weekend (there are too many to mention). Your help, tips, and constant lookout are appreciated.


25 Responses

  1. 14′ chase utley? i’m undecided as to whether that’s terrifying or really awesome. i think my final decision is that it’s preferable to a 14′ jayson werth. but then again any chase utley is preferable to any jayson werth.

  2. Yes, thank you for confirming for me what I already knew, but was doing my best to be in denial of with the Flyers. WHAT THE FUCK IS HOLMEY DOING? Mommy, I scared…….
    Seriously though, even if they do pick up Stampkos, it’s not “addition by subtraction”. Oh no it’s not. Poor Cheesebryz is going to be facing a very short tempered fan base I think.

  3. Kyle must be permanently scarred by some girl with all of these allegories/analogies.
    By the way, there’s only one Nick and that’s me, NickFromGermantown.

  4. what i don’t get is where all this richards/carter love came from.
    yea they were good ON PAPER.
    who cares how many goals each individual scored. being the third highest in goals,etc didn’t get them very far in the playoffs now did it?

  5. what- it got them to GAME 6 OF THE STANLEY CUP FINALS, the closest this team has come in 20 years. it also got them 106 points this year. sure, something happened down the stretch, but it’s not like this team was a bottom feeder. these guys were a big part of that and Homer just blew up the roster, 2 1/2 lines worth of forwards are gone.

  6. I don’t get all the obsession with losing goals? If the Flyers are better and win that should be all that matters. Complaining about goals is like “fans” complaining about the Phillies offense even though they have 55 wins and best record in baseball.

  7. Ok I love this site but it is really starting to get realllllll old coming on here every day hearing the SAME crap about Richards and Carter…Here is a few questions for you. In Richards 6 years as a Flyers what did he accomplish? 1 Cup trip…what will you remember about him? The Montreal goal against Halak in the ECF. What else? That he had heart? Great because heart wins cups…Carter and Richards were expendable. So what about how many goals they scored and how many points they got. What EVERYONE fails to realize is that even though we lost so many goals…with Bryz we should also be giving up less goals. Therefore less goals will need to be scored to win. Bouch and Bob were good for at least 1 bad goal a game. Cut that in half and you have 41 less goals going in. You build a hockey team from the goalie out. We have a starting goalie, one of the best defenses in East (gee sounds like Boston, oh yea they won the cup too!) and Lets not forget that we have Briere, Hartnell, Jagr, Talbot, and Betts which are all veteran players to go along with JVR, Giroux, Simmonds, Schenn, and Voracek which are all young and have pretty good upside still. The Flyers have a more BALANCED team now. Great goalie, top 3-5 D in the NHL, and an above average offense. Stop bitching about Richards being traded. It was not a knee jerk reaction, it was failure to be a captain reaction. They made the mistake giving him the C in the first place. Crosby got the C and the Flyers followed by giving Richards the same…he was not ready and clearly still is not…one of the worst Flyers to ever wear the C…

  8. Reader Tony should know Danny Briere is far from unproven so you can add him with the likes of Giroux. The other thing we need to concider is with a top goal tender and an offense that is willing to play within the system we will give up less goals. Are the flyers a better team then they were last year at this point, problably not. Is their future brighter now that they have some young prospects and cap room, absolutly!

  9. Kyle: Also, why so obsessed with who left? Look at what we got.
    Departures: Richards, Carter, Powe, Leino, Versteeg,O’Donnell, Boucher
    Additions: Bryz,Vorachek, Schenn(best prospect in hockey), Simmonds, Courtulier(8th pick), Talbot, Jagr, Lilja, 2nd round pick and (2) 3rd round picks. Also still have money left to spend.

  10. Exactly, poster “what?” is correct. You can post all the stats you want, truth is it took them no where this year. This team collapsed in the 2nd half of the season and something needed to changed. People can say “ohh we were so close” all they want, but getting our asses handed to us by the Bruins is hardly close. And if you side with the “all we needed was a good goalie” crowd than you truly did not watch this team in the 2nd half of the season and especially didn’t during the playoffs. Too many people are taking the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach”, except that it WAS broken and did need fixing.
    I’ll say it again, people tend to forget that our Cup run postseason in 09-10 was kick-started by BARELY getting into the playoffs in the first place. We got the 7th seed that year by winning a shootout in the very last game of the season. If we had simply lost that shootout, this team would have been blown up last off season, most likely. Sure, we were “so close” but there’s much more than that and no stats will tell me otherwise.
    We’re obviously rebuilding and this year will be a little disappointment compared to the previous two years. Which is NOT A BAD THING. We will still make the playoffs this year and and we have great young talent, this locker room is ready to burst with potential. But since we’ll do a little worse this year, everyone will freak out on Holmgren when they don’t see the big picture at all. We weren’t going anywhere with the cancers of Carter & Richards in the locker room. Not to mention we no longer have to deal with their playoff magic (magic in the sense that one minute they’re there, and next- they DISAPPEAR!). And in a few years we will really be a forced to be reckoned with. A change was needed. This year is a rebuilding year, but we still have good talent and will make the playoffs (even if that is easy in hockey).
    Sure maybe a Brad Richards or a Gagne would have really helped this club, but they also would have been extremely overpaid. I thank Homer for not signing either of those two to the contracts they got. B. Richards is set to fall into oblivion where free agents go to die in the NYR locker room, and Gagne got much too much money for what he has to offer at this point. And we all know Leino’s bloated contract (aka the Jayseon Werth of hockey). Yes, anhy of these guys could have been used, but they’re just not worth it for the money they were asking at the point this team is at. Maybe Holmgren did have another idea up his sleeve and it didn’t work out, not everything can go as planned obviously. There is a decent FA class next year, but this team is already oozing with potential and all they need is a few more years under their belt and possibly a few roles players added in and they’ll be just fine. Basically, if you think at least moving Carter & Richards was a bad move, you’re simply wrong and didn’t watch this team close enough.

  11. Oh, and Britt Reid got pinched for careless driving, not reckless driving.
    I assume that was careless blogging and not reckless blogging…

  12. Chirp… if you think the Flyers are a better team now than if they had just gotten rid of Carter and kept Richie and Bryz… I have some land to sell you… real nice right next to Homer… you Homer apologist you…

  13. hmmmm. Bryz’s helmet decor? All-Black paint, with a fat green dollar-sign on each side? No, that won’t work. How about actual horns, like a Viking Helmet? No, some jackass would whine about that being “dangerous” or some similar horseshit. Brodeus is a wuss for not having tiny Devil horns appended to his helmet. I am sure there is a way to do that so the “danger” factor is eliminated. I digress. Maybe Bryz should have orange HST fists on his helmet. Gonzo Goaltending. An all-chrome-finish mask might have unexpected advantages – “oh noez, there was a reflection that blinded Criesby on his way to the net, he momentarily lost his focus and vision and plowed face-first into the crossbar, TKO!” All-chrome FTW.

  14. I think you do some unmentionable things with that Chase Utley plush but we won’t go there…
    Also I don’t think losing the production from Richards and Carter are that big a deal when you have a goalie that can more than make up for it in saves.

  15. @MVP,fresh and Eric…Amen. Finally some people that know hockey.
    @iwj…sounds like you had a man crush on JC and MR and your a little upset they wont be around to party with anymore. Maybe you should take a look and see where all the recent “party” players are. Upshall, Lupol, Carter, Richards….gone! Why because they cared more for the parties then they did for the team. The Flyers were the third best team in the NHL last year to match that even with MR and JC still there would be tough. So I know they may not be better this year than last but that doesnt mean they cannot win the cup. As fresh said, we made it in as a 7th seed on the final game in a SO and were 2 wins away from the cup. We dont need to be a top team in the East or the NHL, we just have to get in. Once you do that, you hope your goalie is on his game and crack down and play a defense style. I like my chances even more with the trades…What happens if Schenn steps on the ice and tears things up at a Stamkos pace? Will everyone call Homer a hero and say Richie who? Yea…typical Philly fans…Flyers have a tough opening schedule…be interesting to see who starts crying if they start the season off slow…

  16. You mortgaged a ton of talent to pick up Chris Pronger. Why? Because you were in win now mode. Ed Snider flipped out and brought in Bryz. Why? Because you were in win now mode. It’s been 36 years since this city has seen a Cup. Now you all want me to drink the Flyers’ kool aid (AGAIN) and say, well we may be good next year, and definitely in a few years. I’m tired of waiting for the next few years. I want a Cup NOW.
    Getting Bryz (and trading Carter to do so) WAS PLENTY. You do that, keep the rest of the team pretty much as it was, and you had the BEST chance of ANYONE in the NHL to win next year. Isn’t that the front office’s job? Give you the best chance each year?
    It’s all a bunch of HOPE to say all these moves will work out next year. Keeping the team as it was, and just making the basic Carter-for-Bryz move, made you so much better. Instead, they blow it up and severely diminish the team’s chances while Chris Pronger is around. And I don’t like that. You got him to win a Cup, why go into rebuilding when he only has 2, MAYBE 3 years left? It just does not make sense.
    If Schenn becomes the next superstar, of course we’ll praise Homer. But, again, it’s a lot of hope. And I’m tired of drinking the Flyers’ kool aid, thinking they know what they are doing. How has that worked out the last 36 years?
    And I can’t believe people are still really pissed about Richards and Carter partying. They are young, rich, and famous in their city. YOU WOULD DO THE SAME DAMN THING.
    The Broad Street Bullies (Cup champions, by the way) were CONSTANTLY picked up by the police and given rides home because they were too drunk. (My grandmother was a bartender in one of the bars they frequented, I’ve heard many a story). So I don’t think partying makes it impossible to win.
    “What happens if Schenn steps on the ice and tears things up at a Stamkos pace? Will everyone call Homer a hero and say Richie who? Yea…typical Philly fans.”
    Typical Philly fans? For questioning deals the front office makes when they blow up what was a pretty good team? You sir, are the typical blind Flyer fan, who goes along with whatever the organization does, even though it has delivered NOTHING in my lifetime (plus a decade). I’m done being that guy. I’ll call them out.
    I hope it all works out. I pray we win a Cup next year. But I just don’t think they’ve put themselves in a better position, and because of that, I’m done drinking the kool aid. I’ll believe in all these kids (plus Jagr. and Lilja. and. and. and.) when they prove it on the ice. Until then, I’m skeptical, and NOT looking at this offseason as a success. But don’t tell me I’m not a real Flyers fan. I bleed Orange and Black and that is why I (and many others) are so upset. Because, in our eyes, you’ve taken yourself a couple years back in contention for a Cup. And that is unacceptable.
    There’s a difference in not being supportive of moves and not being a fan. I am a fan. Just a disappointed one, right now.

  17. @J.T.- If you support the Carter for Bryz idea, then what exactly do you think Richards would have done here if we didn’t trade him to LA? Richards has gotten around 60 points each of his last 2 seasons, always has nagging injuries, was one of the worst captains in team history and just an overall locker room cancer. Richards’ trade was NOT a financial move. They wanted this guy out. Richards got his 6 years in here and the last 2 seasons show that he hasn’t been panning out, and somehow we still got hockey’s best prospect for him.
    I don’t understand what you think keeping him would have done? You’re still another one who fails to realize that they barely made the playoffs in the Cup run year, and had an epic collapse in the second half of this year. If you couldn’t tell there was something wrong here, then YOU’RE the blind one.
    Sure, there are things that I would have changed and wish Homer did differently this offseason, but the Carter & Richards trades are not something I would change. Something needed to be done here, and if you can’t see that, you did not follow this team close enough. Those 2 were just bringing the team down. Great, Carter led in goals. Would we be talking about this if Briere had like 2-3 more to lead that category? Because that’s the only argument for Carter it seems. Seriously, do you ever remember a Carter goal? Hardly, because they all came as insurance goals or were lucky goals. He was hardly ever clutch. And let’s not forget how he and his buttbuddy are no where to be found during the playoffs.
    And if we don’t win the Cup next year, this offseason is NOT A FAILURE. We decided to rebuild the team because we got our asses handed to us by a real team, remember? We needed a change, and change takes time. This team now is oozing with potential. There could be more to add to it in upcoming offseasons, or even in a trade during this upcoming season at the deadline. All we know is that something was wrong in that locker room and a big change needed to be made.

  18. @JT…since Fresh pretty much summed it up for me I will only add a few things.
    1) Boston blew its team up and had 9 guys remaining from the team we beat in 7 games…that was 1 year later…how did they turn out? Won the cup…
    2) The NHL was a COMPLETELY different game and time period in the 70’s and even 80’s. Don’t even try to compare that to now.
    3) Don’t judge me and label me as someone that would act the same as those boneheads. I would not be out partying I would be living life but you wouldn’t hear stories of me and several other key players staggering back into the hotel room the night before a playoff game. (Rumors from 3-4 years ago when Pitt bounced them)
    4) I understand your frustration and your whole “Kool Aid” attitude. It is frustrating being a Flyers team not win yet be so successful and so close. I am 26 years old and have not seen a parade. I want one just as much as the next guy. However I would take Schenn’s potential over Richards lack of play and caring. He didn’t do anything for this team.
    5) Why does everyone keep saying we blew this team up? We traded Carter and Richards. Leino left for more money, Boucher is not a loss, Carcillo is not a loss, Powe left for more money, Versteeg we all know was certainly not a fit for this team (and only played a handful of games for us anyway). So I don’t get how trading 2 players is blowing up a team…Give me 3 other teams in the East that Pose a threat to us…#1 goalie in the pipes (Which the fanbase has been crying for since hextall), Pronger, Timmo, Coburn, Mezaros, Carle, lilja on D. Briere, Giroux, JVR, Hartnell, Jagr, and Simmonds make for a hell of a top 2 lines. That is not even mentioning Voracek or Schenn if they crack the lineup, or Talbot who is a great locker room presence and shut down forward. Ask the Pens fans.
    5) Build from the goalie out. Notice how the Flyers did not touch their D but upgraded the Goalie? Notice how they understand that if build from goalie out you have to sacrifice in other areas? Well you look at the two teams in the Cup finals last season Thomas and Loungo…check out the D they had to go with them…
    6) Offense wins games, Defense wins championships…
    I bad mouth the Flyers just as much the next guy, but like fresh said, if you cant see the direction this team was heading in and how they were lucky to be where they were then you my friend are the blind one.

  19. I couldn’t agree more with the trades of Richards and Carter, for all of the afforementioned reasons, but especially this one:
    These guys had no trade clauses that kicked in next year. It’s clear from their responses to all of the questions surrounding the trades that they NEVER would have waived that for anything. If you thought they were lazy, partied too much and didn’t give two shits last year, imagine how complacent they would have been knowing they COULDNT have been moved!!!!
    I am a huge fan of these moves. We may have been set back next year, but they freed themselves of McNabb like players for the next 9-11 years, got the goalie they desperately needed, and got some awesome young talent. By the way, anyone crying over Ville Leino needs to wake up and watch some hockey. He would skate into the zone, stop moving his feet and dump the puck. Jagr will have more goals (19) than Ville Leino did last year.
    The future is bright.

  20. Thanks for the support Kyle and Crossing Broad, THE BEST sports blog in town check my video out guys. If I win we all win! I will rep CB everyday…Now onto flyers talk. Homer turned into Michael Corleone in GF 1 after he came back from Sicily wacked everybody(business nothing personal)….I was fine with Carter going, yes he is a 40 goal scorer but he needed to be moved to make room for BRYZeeyyy….Plus we got the number 8 pick(Couturier) who could be a solid player someday. I have yet to fall in love with the Richards move.
    I liked Mike as a captain and he was a very good two way player. The key to this deal is obviously Schenn there is two ways he can help the flyers in the near future. 1. If he becomes a superstar over the next couple of years as many hockey experts predict 2. Or he is the main piece to the trade that brings Stamkos here( I can dream right?). Either way we all want a cup but maybe this retooling with more focus on defense, goaltending, and young talent will get us there or maybe too many points have been taken away from the team. Either way screw Mike Wise and the Pittsburgh Tribune Review…. “It’s hittin season”(Charlie’s Voice)Michael Martinez BRO!!

  21. It’s been a while. Last time I dropped grammatical stylings, Paul Holmgren had just finished blowing up the Flyers and had yet to fill the void left by the departure of seven starting forwards from this year’s playoff roster- a roster that finished the season with the third most points and goals scored in the NHL. What’s that Scoob? There’s still a void? – bangs table in an angry fashion

  22. Reader Tony emailed me over the weekend and said that he felt Ed Snider and Holmgren had a knee-jerk reaction to what transpired over the final months of the season

  23. It’s been a while. Last time I dropped grammatical stylings, Paul Holmgren had just finished blowing up the Flyers and had yet to fill the void left by the departure of seven starting forwards from this year’s playoff roster- a roster that finished the season with the third most points and goals scored in the NHL. What’s that Scoob? There’s still a void? – bangs table in an angry fashion

  24. Yeah, the void is we don’t have a CUP…
    Score all you want, be as dominant all year long as you want. It all comes down to the CUP. Just ask Vancouver…

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