Showtime’s ‘The Franchise’ and More From Brian Wilson’s Beard, The ESPYs

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Last night, Showtime premiered their new baseball documentary, "The Franchise: A Season with the San Francisco Giants." Since, let's face it, most of us are only concerned with the inner workings and outer dramas of our own hometown boys, here are a few quick re-cap notes for the remotely interested:

  1. Cody Ross struggles to get back in 2010 post-season form, which lends itself to the recurring question of whether or not he was shooting up steroids in the playoffs last year.
  2. It takes manager Bruce Bochy approximately 4 glasses of red wine to even sound remotely like Charlie Manuel.
  3. Barry Zito, the highest paid player in the franchise, is arguably the most depressing person on the planet. On the DL for a long stretch of time, he does yoga and talks about spirituality but still implies that his replacement, Ryan Vogelsong, is capitalizing on his being injured.
  4. Ryan Vogelsong actually played in Triple A with the Phillies organization. See how we just breed winners?
  5. Pat Burrell edges his way into several screen shots and shuts the cameraman out of indoor batting cages. He is presumably upset that his after-hour shenanigans weren't considered television gold.
  6. Buster Posey's gnarly collision at home plate is revisited.
  7. Pablo Sandoval, also known as Kung Fu Panda, lost 38 lbs in the off-season by running up hills.
  8. Reliever Jeremy Affeldt talks about fan violence and vists Bryan Stow, the guy who was beaten close to death at Dodger Stadium. That was actually touching.
  9. Brian Wilson's beard asserts that the only reason he heard the breaking news of Osama Bin Laden's death was because he was watching CSI Miami and "figured out the ending," so he flipped to the news. And yes, Brian Wilson's beard is its own personality.

On the next episode (10 P.M. Wednesdays) Showtime forecasted the All-Star Game shenanigans, which may be a bit more entertaining. If the show proves strong enough in the ratings, producers intend to move on to the next team. Perhaps this is biased, but the Phillies have just as much, if not more, to offer in the way of televised entertainment. And Chooch.

In other national-ish news, Brian Wilson wore that (above) to last night's ESPYs. The Eagles took home the award for Best Game. DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant were on hand to accept the award. Todd Herremans wanted us to credit Matt Dodge, as well. Heh.

Screen shot 2011-07-14 at 8.31.51 AM

Roy Halladay won both Best MLB Player and Best Moment for his postseason no-hitter. 

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17 Responses

  1. Brian Wilson’s act is so old. He needs to get over himself. He’s just pretty much an idiot now.

  2. even as a phils fan who hates to revisit the past failures of the team, i cant get enough of brian wilson and his beard

  3. @ justin time-i agree. i think he’s hilarious and adds some flavor to the MLB. no need to be so serious all the time. he obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously but he gets shit done. that’s refreshing.

  4. The Pen on the MLB Network followed the Phils bullpen for a year. I believe in ’09. I really enjoyed watching that.

  5. Brian Wilson wants the reaction to be ooooooooh, he’s so “CRAZY.” His “CRAZY” attention-seeking is forced and tired. Now Emily the Pistachio girl, that’s a different story.

  6. Yeah, I find Wilson to be a weird and tiresome guy, too. It always seemed like he wore his uniform waaaaay too tight and now THIS??? I’m seeing way more of this guy’s body than I ever wanted to….
    Now, if Chase wanted to dress that way, it’d be another matter.

  7. @John, she’s the one who wrote this blog entry. Apparently you’re too lazy or too feeble-minded to peruse the sidebar links to the right. Anyway, who are you to ask anyways?
    @Franny, you are so right. He tries to be so smug he ends up being a dullerd.

  8. Huh, John?
    I heard of “Crawl back into the hole you came out of”, or even “Go crawl back under your rock”, but I never heard of a version with a bridge involved. Sounds like the thought-process of a feeble-minded person to me.
    Lauren L would have gotten the saying right, at least.
    Now go pound sand, piss up a rope, and take a big leap off a tall bridge, since you know the rest now.

  9. Hey guys, I didn’t mean to cause a commotion amongst the comment forum. Is it because I wrote about the Giants or because I’m a girl in a man’s world? Just curious for research purposes. 🙂

  10. Hahahahahah, no commotion on you’re part; it’s that feeble-minded poster above who’s the problem. Besides, for the most part I’m finding your entries are more manly than Laddie Boy Kyle’s. Hahahahah

  11. Ugh you’re so dense. I was referring to you as a troll.. It wasn’t that hard to figure out but next time I’ll try and simplify things for you.

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