The Guy Who Snuck onto the Entourage Set and Left Behind a Phillies Rally Towel

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A few months back, one reader, a transplanted Philly fan who now lives in Santa Monica and has some friends “in the business,” got to spend time in the penthouse of the Hollywood Roosevelt, the hotel where a number of scenes from Entourage (and a number of other films and TV shows) are shot.

It was time well spent.

Not only did him and his friends take a number of pictures in the suite, but they also snuck a Phillies rally towel in and placed it, ever so neatly, on the stove.

We’ll let our friend tell you the story:

I was there back in May watching them film.  We were shooting the shit with Kevin Connolly about hockey.  He was actually the most down to earth person to talk to.  "Vinny" was a little prissy and "Turtle" was kind of in between.  "Drama" was really cool, too.  He actually does that big scream and noise in real life that "Drama" does on the show.  

So… my friend [redacted]. who lives in the Philly area, knows the guy that owns the entire building. I work in Santa Monica and was there Thursday (the towel incident) and Saturday.  On Saturday, we were looking over shoulders, watching the filming on the monitor outside the suite (the top floor is being remodeled so the other suite was all opened frames where they had a waiting area set up and the guy viewing the monitor for noise and stuff as they filmed in the actual suite used).  

So they did actual filming with the towel there.  We couldn't believe they didn't move it.  I didn't want to post anything earlier because who knows if somehow information gets back to them.  I'm sure they will probably be able to digitally remove it if they catch it, but it is something to look out for. 

Not exactly as intriguing as the hanging midget in the Wizard of Oz (which, by the way, isn’t true) – nor is it the first Philly sports apparel to appear on the show – but still pretty cool. Keep an eye on the background in this, the final season of Entourage, and you just may see a little support for your Fightin’ Phils.

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A few more pics after the jump. Never change, Philadelphia.

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Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 11.01.02 AM
Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 11.01.02 AM
Screen Shot 2011-07-26 at 11.01.02 AM


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  1. My question is “How in the world is Entourage still a show?”. Same goes for Weeds. Terrible.

  2. I wish every show repeated itself for seven straight seasons. I just love watching what rich people do when they’re rich!! It’s basically made for stupid bros.

  3. Broooo, Vince is totally back, bring in the truck of girls – oh – SOBER GIRLS – way to flip it on us HBO. All I have to say is: No tits in the first episode? Fags. Oh But Luke, you don’t appreciate the story, man, the struggle, man! Kids from the neighborhood actually making it, man, never done before, man. Fags.

  4. You’re link “proving” that the munchkin suicide story is not true didn’t prove or disprove anything

  5. The best part about this is they’re NY fans on the show and in real life, F NY Go Phils!!

  6. “Not only did him and his friends take a number of pictures in the suite…”
    OK. I’m a reform skool flunkie, and I’m not trying to be an arsehole about it like Major Prig Hole (MPH), but you’ve been acting too big for ye britches for much too long Laddie, so I need to call it out. Take the “and his friends” bit out of that phrase above and see how it sounds: “Not only did him take a number of pictures in the suite…” Doesn’t work, do it?
    Like Bale saye, “F*ck’s sake man, you’re amateur”

    But Bale is really copycatting off of Walter from TBL:

    (PS: “The ringer cannot look empty”)
    And maybe it’s just me and my experiance, but the best scene EVER in Entourage was last year when Mrs. RE was in her busteeyea and thong lawnjeray:

    Although that lady must be pushing north of 2 score and a nickle, something tells me she’s much better than all those younger bims on the show. She looks like she know what do to a man what no other woman can, while the yungins have now clue how to please a man.

  7. Hahahaha, spelling ain’t as bad as poor “gramattickle stylings”. And at least I own-up to being a reform skool flunkie, while Laddie pretends to be the second coming of Ed Murrow (RIP). That’s all.

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