UPDATE: The Guy Who Confronted Brian Wilson Outside the Ritz Carlton

Let’s take a little journey inside the life of Brian Wilson. 

Earlier today, I got an email from reader Ben, who told me that his buddy was just in a pseudo-confrontation with Wilson [editor's note: jackpot] outside the Ritz Carlton in Center City. Being the skeptic that I am (thanks to a bunch of nonsensical emails), I asked Ben to confirm the story with a picture or more detail. He promptly gave me his buddy’s phone number and said that I should call him. I did, and what followed was just tremendous.

Jordan, a self-described 5’9” Jewish fellow wearing slacks and a tucked in shirt, who claims he used to know Matt Cain’s wife, was at the hotel to pick up tickets for tonight’s game (apparently, everyone is friends now). Over the years, he has remained in contact Chelsea Cain and says he even sat in the Giants’ family section during last year’s NLCS. After getting the tickets from the lobby, Jordan noticed Wilson leaving the hotel to a throng of overweight, older than autograph seekers should be supporters. Not one for clever witticisms or trash-talk, but an ardent defender of the Philly reputation, Jordan yelled out, “Hey Wilson, you got enough boyfriends?”

We’ll give him a B+ for effort. An A for balls.

Wilson stopped signing autographs for the chubs and walked over to Jordan – with Showtime's The Franchise camera crew close behind – stared him down (awesome), and cocked his fist behind his head. Uh ohs.

Jordan, remember 5’9 and “not intimidating,” of course, flinched. Wilson pulled his fist down and said, “You shouldn’t talk this shit if you can’t back it up.” He then walked away.

It’s a bit of a fantastical story, though every detail Jordan gave me about who he was and his very honorable profession checked out. Make of that what you will.

Perhaps next Wednesday night’s episode of the The Franchise will be must-see TV.

UPDATE: In the original story, we wrote that Jordan was asked to sign a release form by producers of Showtime's The Franchise. A spokesperson for MLB Productions, who is producing the show in collaboration with Showtime (kind of kills the neutrality of it all, no?), reached out to us and said producers don't recall such an encounter between Wilson and Jordan… though I'm not sure that in any way means it didn't happen. Jordan, a lawyer, stood by his story. It's also worth noting that I reached out to him for the story, not vice versa. In reality, this may have just been Brian Wilson goofing around with a fan. Not exactly a memorable encounter.


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  1. Brian Wilson kept it straight G with the dude…can’t even be mad @ him for that…but props to the guy for having the cojones to say sumthin like that to Wilson..haha

  2. Since when is poking at someone getting autographs “talking shit”?
    If that loony toon raised a hand to me, I’d be in jail for beating the everloving shit out of his unitard wearing ass. Lighten up beard.
    On another note, this is disapointing. Wilson is pretty funny and I always thought he was one of those guys that if he played for the Phillies we would all love. Not so much anymore friend.

  3. Just keep in mind that, assuming this makes the final cut of the show, it will become part of the “Philadelphia has the worst fans” lore.
    “And one time, someone randomly yelled a homophobic comment when a visiting player who was just signing autographs out of the kindness of his heart, and he chickened out when the player confronted him about it!” [which, you know, is pretty much what happened, according to the guy’s story, so we’ll see what makes the show]
    Just pray those autograph seekers didn’t have Down Syndrome. Really.

  4. He should have cocked his fist and made the beard flinch…he doesn’t seem like a tough guy to me, hence the attention grabbing terrorist beard he’s had to keep in order to stay in front of the camera.

  5. Did the camera crew get Wilson his cocked fist behind his head? I don’t think the league would take to kindly to it’s World Champion closer threatening someone.

  6. He thinks they did, but they were there filming players who were coming out of the hotel.

  7. @ Dan Fuller- I thought the same thing. Just giving the national media more fuel for the Philly Fan Hate fire. We’ll never shake the bad rep if we keep giving them stories.

  8. @ben: “How was the comment homophobic?” Intent, even if it’s “silly.”
    But separately from a non-conclusion based on an internet argument about what “homophobic” means to different people, the fan saying that would/will be construed as that without question by people looking to add to their list of “Philadelphia fans are the worst” examples. The issue wouldn’t be “is what the fan said considered homophobic,” but “a Phillies fan said something homophobic to a player while he was signing autographs.”

  9. Another display for attention from Wilson. I would have yelled, “when you were fixing grave stones, did you find your breaking ball?”

  10. @ben: (clarifying my comment) “How was the comment homophobic?” Using implied homosexuality as an insult, even if it’s “silly,” fits the criteria. [the key is that in today’s climate, it’s NOT about intent]
    If this story gains any traction (which depends on how/if it’s presented on the show), the debate/talking points won’t be centered on “what is and what isn’t considered homophobia.”

  11. @Dan thanks for the clarification, didn’t know what you were getting at before. I find it hard to believe that the comment will be the real story – an athlete threatened someone in a hotel. These guys likely get far worse things shouted at them all the time – doesn’t make it okay to walk up to someone and raise a fist.

  12. 1. Why would you flinch if there’s really only a 1% chance a professional athlete slugs a heckler in a hotel in front of cameras and the general public?
    2. Why would you sign a release, knowing Brian Wilson, a douche bag, made you look like a total coward in what will likely be televised footage?
    3. Fake story.

  13. Maybe we should have a 300lb fat man dressed in drag, wearing a fruit basket on his head singing God Bless America during the world series? Do ya think that would make us more PC?

  14. I give props to Wilson because in a way, he’s defending not only himself but his fans. This makes me like him even more as a “personality” but I prefer Bastardo as a Phillies closer 🙂

  15. First off, you ARE a pussy if you flinch at this:
    However, even if there was no contact, a cocked fist is assault by way of intent. And with the cameras rolling. Lawsuit! Cha-ching!
    And since he’s Jewish, I bet he know’s a good atturney. (And lest any of you get your panties in a snit, you all know I’m a Super Mick, and I definittly know a good bottle of whiskey, plus a lot of jokes about catholic priests. Hahahahah)

  16. McGinty, here’s a Social ProTip for you: Being a member of one race doesn’t give you license to “jokingly” stereotype another race.

  17. “You shouldn’t talk this shit if you can’t back it up.”
    Wilson speaks in meter… This is barely prose. I would absolutely put money on this never appearing on “The Franchise” because you can’t shoot video of something that never happened. Total bullshit.

  18. E_K, I ain’t socially acceptable, and I don’t care to be. I piss on the entire human race alike. I have that lucksury because of me years of discusting experience and exposesure to all kinds of shyteheels of all kinds of cultures and societey. When you get to be me extreme age and miles maybe you’ll gain a little purrspektive yourself.

  19. BTW E_K, in accordence with your “Social ProTip”: Then you need to go tell Larry David, who ripped his own religion/culture/ethnissity in this past weeks Curb Your Enthusiasm (with the Palastinian chicken) that he isn’t allowed to make fun of the Irish, or else I’m going to put “The Irish Curse” on the both of you. Hah! Take that, limpdicks. Hahahahah
    PS E_K: Kish meer in tuckus! Hahahahahah

  20. Whether you like Wilson or not has nothing to do with him being good for baseball. Baseball is chock full of athletes with boring personalities and anything to bring it closer to the fan is a-ok by me, irrespective of him being a power bottom signing autographs for his legion of boyfriends. Someone above said it: if he were a Phillies member we’d love him.

  21. Doesn’t this blog constantly try to defend Phillies fans as being brutish assholes? Funny, then, that they’d contact a guy who claims to have been a brutish asshole to Brian Wilson, who was ostensibly minding his business.

  22. Brutish asshole? For jokingly heckling an opposing player? Yeah, real jerk that guy.

  23. I used to think Philthydelphia fans were just bad fans. Now I know they’re stupid, too. Still nursing the soul-crushing, ass-kicking wounds from the NLCS? Brian Wilson is a douchebag, but I know bullshit when I smell it and this story reeks like a room full of babies. Or a room full of Phillies.

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