Video: Idiot Fan Almost Falls Over Railing at Home Run Derby

This was mentioned in our Home Run Derby running commentary (although I missed it live). Keith Carmickle stood on a table and leaned over a railing trying to catch an exhibition baseball. Have we learned nothing?

Less than a week ago, Shannon Stone died while trying to catch a ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton.

Video via The Big Lead


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  1. It’s becoming a growing problem in MLB parks. I had a heavy set guy jump on top of me the other week trying to catch a foul ball at CBP. My back still hurts. I just don’t get the fascination with foul balls

  2. I concur with Hopdevil. I love how people fight for a foul ball, you forget the rules of civilization when you head hunt women and kids for a stupid ball, looks like a Mad Max film in the stands…

  3. I’m with hopdevil, thinking not too many people would miss this turd “Dude, i bench 500 lbs i woulda been o.k.” i’m thinking maybe 185, how is a fat asshole ex frat boy like this gainfully employed long enough to afford tickets to an all star event?
    Whats with the bare feet on a perfectly fine drinking surface?
    is Eric lindros (blue shirt) helping hold him up? that would explain sooooooo much.

  4. One day after some other idiot has his funeral for making a fucking baseball more important than his son, this even bigger fucking idiot is standing on a table just to get a HR ball. Good lord, people will never learn….or maybe we should have these people die off, today’s version of natural selection.

  5. Stop me if I’m mistaken, but weren’t the Home Run Derby balls etched with gold or something like that? Even if they weren’t, fans will always lose their minds while in pursuit of balls that come into the stands. That’s been going on for a century or more, and it’ll still be happening a century from now. Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be.

  6. Agree with Bill, his cohorts are holding him the entire time.
    And yes, unlike mine, the balls had gold in them and they’re worth $150 each. The news said that he already had 3. Whata Greedy Fat F*ck.

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