Rangers Fan Falls to His Death in Texas

Warning: This is hard to watch.

Shannon Stone, 39, reached over an outfield railing to catch a foul ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton last night. He caught it. Then fell 20 feet onto the surface behind the outfield fence. Witnesses say he landed head-first and was telling paramedics to "please go check on my son up there." He was later pronounced dead on his way to the hospital, after going into cardiac arrest.

This has to be tough for the now religious Hamilton. He did what any other outfielder would do, tossing the ball to a kid in the stands. Unfortunately, that kid had to watch his father fall to his death. Just awful.

Read more at The Big Lead and Dallas News.


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  1. No way I’m watching that.
    That must be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard of at a game. That poor kid. And Hamilton must feel awful.
    I have a 3-year-old son who loves baseball just like me. Just the thought of this makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. Why wouldn’t they have had some kind of barrier over what was obviously a HUGE gap between the stands and the scoreboard?

  3. I’m not watching that either. The mental picture alone that paints is nightmarish enough.

  4. Thoughts and prayers go to the Stone family and also Hamilton. Very difficult to watch. And makes you wonder why there was such a space there with that low railing.

  5. Actually I think Ron makes a good point, not that tragic accidents can’t happen anywhere, but if this was CBP the guy would of fallen a few feet into a flower bed instead of 20 feet onto concrete. Those huge gaps are more common with duel purpose stadiums, is Texas one?

  6. Why does it matter if Hamilton is now religious?? This would effect anyone no matter what they believe in

  7. Kyle,
    I would suggest taking the video down…no one wants to see it and just out of respect for the family.
    Unfortunately I had to wake up to the video of this playing when I switched to the news this morning. It made me sick to my stomach just watching it. This is terrible news.

  8. Dude I gotta agree with taking that video down. I’m not squeamish at all when it comes to this kind of stuff but there’s no way in hell I’m watching that just out of respect for the family.

  9. Who wants to watch that? I’m shocked you even put it up in the first place. I’m sure the family doesn’t appreciate their loved one being fodder for sarcastic comments on some sports blog.

  10. You had it on loop? There’s absolutely nothing about this that is funny if your remark was meant to be. It’s tragic and my thoughts are with the family. I too can not watch this and feel it should be taken down. Report it yes but we don’t wanna see the video. The still shot alone of his son watching it happen is beyond words for me.

  11. they should have a netting or something connecting the rail to the out-of-town scoreboard so he would have falling safely into the net.

  12. if abc can put this video on their website, why cant a blog that far fewer people would likely see in comparison to a national television station website post it?
    just don’t click play, if you don’t want to see it

  13. I agree with Josh, they either need to add seats to go all the way to the outfield wall or put a safety netting in between in case of things like this happening.

  14. guys- it was news and on every national newscast. it’s not a very graphic video and there were no sarcastic comments. none. it happened, it’s news. if you prefer not to watch, don’t press play.

  15. Is anyone missing that the fall did not kill him, that he was talking to paramedics while being removed from the area, and he died of a heart attack later on? Just sayin….it’s the burgers and fries that got him….
    As for the calls to take it down, Kyle is in the right to keep it up, this is all over the internet and its presence on a small (no offense) sports blog will not affect the bereaved. I mean, this is the internet, where sensibilities are forgotten and offensive material must be willingly ignored…

  16. I find it amazing that anyone even dives for a foul ball. If it’s coming right at you, have at it. A grand slam home run ball I can see. But potentially hurting yourself or others around you for a foul ball? I just don’t get it.

  17. It’s just not fair. I just hope hamilton doesn’t fall off the wagon

  18. To the idiots that think the video is “graphic” or think “it should be taken down”:
    1. Good luck telling that to ESPN, ABC, NBC, and other major news networks who have been showing it all of last night and this morning, as well as this afternoon.
    2. He did not die from the fall, he died later of a heart attack.
    3. You don’t see anything bad.
    Thank you and good day.

  19. Kyle, thanks for posting. I actually saw this on ABC and it is very disturbing to watch knowing that poor boy will be haunted forever by this tragic accident. Sadly, this wasn’t even a foul ball play. The player lofted the ball back up to the fans in an effort to be nice as we so frequently see. It was a kind gesture with the worst result possible short of only the child suffering this fate. This is seriously one of the hardest things to watch as a father.

  20. @ Kyle: I saw your tweet. Don’t take it personal, at least not from me. I just can’t/won’t watch it & think it’s morbid that anyone would want to see it.
    Wasn’t criticizing you for having it here.
    Praying for the family & for Hamilton. Just awful.

  21. Krikey, Notch it up as another life’s lesson learned: it just goes to show, Laddie-Boy, that you can’t please all of the people all the time. But you can sure as shyte piss off a lot of people all at once.
    I meself didn’t find the video too “graphic”, or too disturbing (sad to say I’ve faced death too often and may have been desensatized to it as a result), but I did find it tragic and me heart goes out to that poor kid and the rest of his family.
    And for everyone, treat each day like it might me the last on this little speck of dust in our vast universe, cause that may be the case. Like we used to say back in the war, “Smoke em if you got em.”

  22. I’m not sure why it’s even relevant, but even if he didn’t die at the moment of the fall and died later from a heart attack, obviously the heart attack wasn’t a coincidence. No, burgers and fries didn’t kill the poor guy. Falling 20 feet head first onto concrete did.

  23. Sucky situation all around….wish the guy could have held onto that green padded wall he grabbed for before going down, just sucks…

  24. The family is asking the videos not be shown. Sure nothing says you have to pull it and it’s clear this blog isn’t reaching the family but still. Whether it’s graphic or not the video isn’t needed. Report it yes but I just feel it’s unnecessary to still have the video up. And those defending it by saying CBS, ESPN etc are playing. Really? Are we now saying everything the media covers and shows is necessary? But you’re right if I have an issue I don’t need to read this blog. So…I guess I won’t.

  25. I just don’t get what the 4 foot fence does. Also, why the hell is there a 20 ft drop onto concrete between the stands and the field? A four foot fence really doesn’t do a whole lot, as we tragically see here. I think its the same in atlanta if im not mistaken. Im surprised this hasn’t happened sooner/more often

  26. “guys- it was news and on every national newscast. it’s not a very graphic video and there were no sarcastic comments. none. it happened, it’s news. if you prefer not to watch, don’t press play.”
    To quote Bubs from the Wire: “No offense, son, but that’s some weak-ass thinking. You equivocating like a motherfucker.”
    I didn’t press play, but that still doesn’t mean that fans of the site can’t, or shouldn’t, strongly encourage you not to contribute to the shit. It ain’t news anymore, in the 24 hour news cycle it’s now simply old snuff footage. I know it’s out there and will exist forever in cyberland, but let it exist on the fringes and in the shadier corners of the internet (unless that’s the aesthetic your going for on this site).
    Stone’s widow is asking sites, like this one, to take the clip down for the sake of her traumatized kid and I think the people who’ve commented on this site are asking you to take it down because, whether it’s graphic or not, your watching the last moments of someone’s life and that feels like a pretty rotten way to drive traffic. Crossingbroad is better than that.
    It’s fun to play the jaded sports-journo sometimes but it’s probably not a bad idea to sprinkle in a bit of decent human being every now and again.

  27. EDIT: you’re not your (in several places). it’s early and i was at the game last night.

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