Why Yes, Virginia, There is a DC Bar Offering Beers for the Price of Jayson Werth’s Batting Average

Oh yeah, this seven-year marriage if off to a roaring start.

According to NBC Washington, Duffy's Irish Pub will be offering PBR pounders for the price of Jayson Richard Gowan Werth's batting average this Sunday:

But Duffy’s Irish Pub has found a way to make that first-half bust pay off now. During the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, you can order PBR tallboys, Buds and High Lifes for whatever Werth’s batting average is at the time. For example, if the promotion started right now, at the time of publication, Werth’s .211 batting average would mean $2.11 brewskies.


Never mind the obvious attempt at free publicity here, Duffy's may actually be doing JRG Werth a solid by offering up this promotion. In May, a Pittsburgh bar was criticized (championed by some) for giving five cents off pitchers every time the Pirates lost. The Buccos are now in first place.

But Duffy's took their promotion a step further: They created a Facebook page for the event and will hand out free shots of Tullamore Dew to fans wearing Nats attire every time Werth gets a hit. If they stocked one bottle of the Irish whiskey, they bought too much.

$126 million, folks.

H/T to Tim

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16 Responses

  1. Funny..Everytime you guys update your site, the midday show on WIP read off your stories without giving this site credit..what up with that?
    They just read this story pretty much verbaitim a few minutes after your post.

  2. The Blarney Stone on Penn’s campus (awesome bar) had been doing the PBR deal with Pat Burrell’s batting average for years.

  3. @Horseface Hughes
    That’s why you shouldn’t listen to 610. You should listen to 97.5. They give credit. I’ve texted in info I got on here, and not only did they credit me, they also said “he said he got it on crossingbroad.com, one of our favorite blogs”

  4. @horseface: I’ve noticed that too. I think the producer Jamie frequents the site and tells Anthony and Glenn about it. But they need to give it some credit

  5. Brian..they have cited this blog in the past but recently haven’t been giving credit.
    Not five minutes after I read that story of J Werth’s tumble and pick-off at third base yesterday, they started talking about it but never cited where they read it. Kind of lame if you ask me.
    BTW..Those Jim Twitchell Ford Motor commericals need to stop. They are played during every commerical break!

  6. I completely agree Erin. Besides, if you shotgun a PBR at Drinkers its only a $1 as opposed to $2 if you drink it normally

  7. @JT
    Was just driving back from lunch and 97.5 just gave credit to CrossingBroad about this. Classic. Kyle this is the best philly sports blog out right now, please don’t sell out like the700level.com. Unless they pay you a ton of money, then thats cool.

  8. I don’t know if I’d ever take a free shot of Tullamore, even if it were free.
    I’ve been really a Bushmills S-M guy (when I’m not after the Scots’ S-M—I know, a major sin for a true son of Erin).
    So to stray to another brand feels like I may be commiting adultary.
    Funny thing is, when I was married some previus times, I never had any problems comitting “for realsies” adultry (in the parlence of our own Laddie Boy(le), hahahahahahahahah).

  9. Hah, I got banned from duffy’s for changing the Nat’s post game show to the Philly’s game.
    An uptight Irish bar; only in DC. Fuck Duffy’s, fuck Jason Werth (thanks for ’08 tho).

  10. antalya hotel Hah, I got banned from duffy’s for changing the Nat’s post game show to the Philly’s game. antalya hotel
    An uptight Irish bar; only in DC. Fuck Duffy’s, fuck Jason Werth (thanks for ’08 tho). antalya hotel

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