Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Hunter Pence Edition

Our friends at Drinker’s Philadelphia sponsor this segment. Nothing changes, except we can now have contests for legit prizes to Drinker’s.

Trade Brown for Pence?: Yes. Not because I want to see Dom Brown get traded, he still could prove to be a very good player- All-Star, perhaps. But Pence is an All-Star right now. He makes the Phillies significantly better, not only because he’s good, but also because him batting fifth A) balances out the lineup better and B) allows Shane Victorino to bat in the more natural sixth, seventh, or second (when Polly is out) spots. It has a double positive effect. Just look at this lineup: Rollins, Polanco, Utley, Howard, Pence, Ibanez, Victorino, Ruiz, Ace. Yes and please.

Gut feeling: Yes. Though there’s a part of me that thinks Rube pulls a rabbit out of his trousers (right saying?) and gets someone whose name hasn’t even been mentioned. And keeps Brown.

Offseason: Win. Both the Kolb (getting DRC and a second rounder) and the Young deals were solid. In addition, they signed Jason Babin and all of their draft picks… except the hockey player.

Crossing Broads: Lindsay has that certain 80s Texas girl look to her, while Campbell used to date Jeff Carter. Um, Slott.

Crossing Bros: Looks vs. swagger- the classic conundrum. Doesn’t every girl chose swagger? Even though Roseman pulled off a heist this week, he’s only reaching for the bar set by Amaro. Big Rube.

Overpaid: Werth. But he doesn’t win by as much as you might think. At least, with Werth, the Nationals knew what they were getting. Kolb is a complete unknown. He has very little NFL experience and they are relying solely on potential (?). That being said, Werth’s contract is still ridiculous.


Today’s Drinker’s challenge: Enter for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to be used at one of the Drinker’s Philadelphia locations. Must be 21.

Here’s the question: Which day and hour (range, ie: 3-4PM Saturday) do the Phillies make a “big” move this weekend? Will be when official announcement comes from club.

Enter after the jump.

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15 Responses

  1. I’m a fuckin idiot. I entered. Entered my guess of Sunday 10-11AM. Entered it before I read the comments. I don’t want to be in any way associated with that first post asshat. Can I get a mulligan Kyle?

  2. “But Pence is an All-Star right now”
    you realize that he is an all star because every team need a delegate, and not because he was one of the three best outfielder in the league, right?

  3. His avg is still better then most if not all on our team and I think playing in our current line up makes him better.

  4. Yeah, I filled it all out correctly. Just, when someone can’t figure out how to do something as easy as that, I don’t want to be associated with them. A dumb person normally means a dumb answer, and I gave the same answer as him. I was trying to make a funny. I suppose I failed. Yay.
    Also, I’m the one who wrote ascairt. So, that should get me a mulligan (I’ll let you useeeeee it!).

  5. To comment on the last one: Kolb actually has the ability to be a strong QB. Werth is on the decline and is getting paid money he wouldn’t have deserved if he was 5 years younger.

  6. JT- got ya. yeah go ahead and re enter a new time if you want.
    Scott- when Phillies issue a tweet, or press announcement.

  7. Shit… my guy was telling me 10-11 tonight, but I went with 1-2pm tomorrow. Now the ever changing twitter sources are saying it’s looking like it’s happening tonight.

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