Your New Flyers Making The Media Rounds Today

Schenn_mediaPic courtesy of Dustin Leed (@d_leed), who is just crushing Flyers coverage of late for The Fourth Period Magazine

Flyers rookie camp began today in Voorhees. Brayden Schenn immdiately stepped into the shoes Mike Richards once didn't occupy- he spoke to the media!

If there was anything good, we'll pass it along later.

Bryz continues to do what Bryz does… not sure what that is, really. Here he is promoting Megafon, a Russian cell phone company, and his goaltender school:


Former Flyer Jeff Carter was spotted on a bike in Sea Isle looking sad. Reals.

I'm over the Inquisition now. I drank it out of me this weekend. This morning's post was my last little spurt of hurt. From now on, we celebrate Bryz and Co. They're our guys, and Bryz looks like a real doozy.


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  1. Carts still training for the Trial on the Isle. He is going to george costanza it and just keep showing up to flyer’s events like he wasn’t traded.

  2. Like I said last week, if you think Bryz is going to be entertaining, pull up some pics on Talbot. I particularly like the one of his naked ass. Or him making out with some random chick. I’m sure there are more.

  3. carter looked sad when i saw him at dinner last weds!!! it made me even sadder 🙁 🙁 but like you said, its time to put on our big girls and boys pants and look forward instead of back. not saying i’m not still devastated over all these moves, but we gotta support the ones wearing our colors now.. although idk if i can root for talbot.. shushing us?? that whole game/fight still bothers me..

  4. Carter riding a bike? Well thats a change of pace. Usually he’s riding something else in sea isle.
    And big props to the “why you heff to be sad” reference!

  5. This team is boring as shit now. The “zaniest” thing is a silly Russian? Lame.

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