A-Rod Being Investigated for Playing Illegal Poker


Oh A-Rod. When you have a $275 millioin contract, you think one wouldn’t need to gamble. Of course, we know that sort of money only fuels the competitive fire. We would expect nothing less from a man who has a painting of himself as a centaur above his bed: [Radar Online]

Star first blew the lid off Tinseltown’s clandestine gambling ring in June, revealing that A-list stars including Tobey Maguire,Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon were deeply involved in the illegal games.

Now, in a dramatic turn, A-Rod is facing potential fallout from Major League Baseball, which previously warned him to stay out of illegal poker clubs and now has two investigators looking into his activities.

While the 36-year-old boyfriend of actress Cameron Diaz previously denied participating in the celebrity games, former players in the ring say otherwise and have indicated they’re willing to provide testimony to MLB investigators.


ESPN adds to the report and says that A-Rod was at a Beverly Hills mansion where the illegal games went down. On one occasion, when cocaine was being openly used and a fight reportedly broke out, A-Rod paid-up (a few thousand dollars) and left.

Both reports say he wasn’t gambling on baseball, but was previously warned by Commissioner Selig about his poker playing.

Stay classy, Alex.


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  1. give me a break i play illegal poker all the time. i can go to my barbershop right now and there is some kind of card game going on.

  2. yeh whats the big deal? He was playing poker… when the drugs and fights happened he paid his debt and left

  3. oh my god, not playing POKER! For thousands of dollars when he has a quarter billion?!
    TERRIBLE human being! AWFUL!

  4. Yep A-Rod is up there with Michael Vick, Charles Manson, and Adolph Hitler. Why so Jealous?

  5. I couldn’t care less that the dude plays poker. he is just a gigantic douche and a terrible person in general.

  6. I don’t care for A-Roid in the least, but who cares if he plays poker? Bud Selig needs to get the stick out of his butt, put Petey in the HoF & shut his trap about A-Roid’s poker skills.

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