Castillo_heatPhoto source: AP

You think Juan Castillo is fired up to have an all-world defense?

Today at practice, he head-butted Keenan Clayton… without a helmet: []

Now keep in mind, Clayton had a helmet on. The kind of helmet that is meant to protect players from concussions and head injuries. But also the kind of helmet that has been known to cause concussions and head injuries.

Castillo? No helmet for him.

Later, Casey Matthews laughed about the incident and said Castillo caught the rest of the linebackers off-guard. During his post-practice press conference, Castillo even had a little cut on his forehead. According to Matthews, the head-butt is what caused it.


Here’s a screen grab from the presser. I guess it takes Juan to know Juan. I… I’m sorry.


Other news: Ed Snider makes US hockey’s Hall of Fame. We’re not going to wax poetic about what he’s done for hockey and this city (you already know that)… but it’d be nice if the recent dismantling of the team resulted in a Stanley Cup. I’m not convinced it will.

Versus will become NBC Sports Network on January 2nd, the day of the yet unannounced Winter Classic.

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