Bird Droppings: Michael Vick Had a Rough Day Yesterday

Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 9.56.42 AM
First ESPN turned him white, then the Eagles' offensive line almost killed him.

Credit to reader Mike Bidwell for the name, Bird Droppings, that will be our football version of Morning Wood this season.

I'd really like to know what the Philly sports equivalent of this week is. First, we're hit with the area's strongest earthquake in 67 years, now a hurricane is anticipated to make landfall at the Jersey Shore for the first time in over 100 years. To make matters worse, Ms. CB has been on a cruise with her mom and aunt for the last 10 days, essentially tracking the path of Irene. Incredibly, they've managed to hang just behind or ahead of her fury. When I last heard from her yesterday, she said the sun was out and the seas were calm. She either has the best captain in the world, or was standing in the internet cafe emailing me from her iPad in a tragic scene reminiscent of Victor Garber fixing the clock on the Titanic before it went down.

Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 8.28.19 AM

Yeah, I think I'll keep hitting "refresh" on my inbox.

Anyway, the Philly sports equivalent of this week is rather obvious: December 2010. Early in the week, a completely unexpected event happened when Cliff Lee spurned New York and signed with the Phillies. It was quick, shocking, and left a room full of New Yorkers wondering what the hell just happened. Then, just a few days later, DeSean Jackson completed a once-in-a-generation comeback by returning Matt Dodge's woeful punt for a game-winning touchdown. The comeback built to a crescendo before walloping the Giants with a sweeping northeast-pointed run. And, obviously, Ms. CB plays the role of the approaching Claus, bringing joy and souvenirs(?) back from a foreign land. 

This is just nature’s way of getting back at us.

Here are some game links from Philly Sports Daily.

John Miller blasts the offensive line.

Jason Kelce is awful.

Projecting the 53-man roster.

Photo gallery from the win.

I'm boarding up the family's house in Ocean City (literally) and heading back from the shore today, so it might be a slow day here on CB. Happy Armageddon, everyone.

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7 Responses

  1. The offensive looked horrible at best… At least Mudd has got in Jason Peters ass enough to get him to stop jumping early.
    In three preseason games the only consistant factor on this team was the special teams.
    McCoy looked good last night shocked the hell out of me to see andy run the ball on the first play of the game

  2. The Eagles a giant pile of shit in the bed with them with the O-Line. I’m actually embarrassed and quite frankly scared for what the season holds. You can sign all the free agents in the world and it won’t mean shit when they can’t block for your QB. The only positive spin one can put on this is that Vick has escapability and that may lead to a more rushing based QB attack, coincidentally highly ineffective long term.
    Dunno what needs to be done, but something is better than nothing.

  3. Laddie Boy, you’re living in a World of Dillusion of Grandyur. The titty-bar strippers you meet may come and go (don’t worry, if the ship sinks, sillicone implants are approved floatation devices), but stop right now and look down at your hands. Yes, that’s Rosie Palm and her five sisters. That is and will always be your forever Ms. CB—Truth. Hahahahahah.

  4. When we went through Hurricane Ike back in 2008 down here in Houston I learned a few things…
    1. There is nothing better than being friends with a bar owner.
    2. There is always a bar open after during the power outage, just look for the generator right outside the door and have fun.
    3. Streaking a hurricane hurts. Just hurts.
    4. Seriously, check your insurance. There is a BIG difference between “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost,” change to the latter if you still can.
    5. Jeeps can’t jump trees.
    6. Gas up… tonight. We left after the hurricane without power for 6 days and could not find a station with gas until Alabama, running on fumes.
    7. On another note… It is preseason. We’ll be fine.
    Good luck, y’all, and don’t let any of these southern people give you any crap. A Cat 3 is a big deal. See you when the power comes back up.

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