Caption This: Jeff Carter Jogs on Columbus Blvd.

Screen Shot 2011-08-16 at 10.15.51 AM

Here a pic from an anonymous reader, who says this is Jeff Carter running on Columbus Blvd. yesterday.

He’s wearing all black… like he’s mourning something.


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  1. He pronates.
    I suppose it’s just as well he went to Columbus. Someone is likely to break one of the twigs he has for ankles.

  2. trying to shake his hangover, prob left his car at Ritchie place and hes still in bed hungover

  3. “When i get to Columbus, I’m gonna make the Ohio State Football situation look like a fuckin’ British Tea party. I can’t wait to hit the campus for Freshman orientation with my junk just hanging out”

  4. hes def running away from an undercover cop dressed as a prostitute, just look at that running form…running for his fucking life…sad

  5. at least he wont now have to worry about coming up painfully short in the playoffs again

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