Chase Utley Bought Hunter Pence Coffee and Cliff Lee Gave Him Cowboy Boots

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In case your man crush (or lady crush) meter hasn’t already reached uncomfortable, here’s some more to chew on:

One often overlooked aspect of mid-season trades is the immediate lifestyle changes that come for a player. Pence, who was presumably fairly settled in Houston and on a road trip in Milwaukee, had to pick up and fly to Philadelphia, play two games in 24 hours, and then hop a charted Delta jet for a 10-game West Coast swing. Not easy.

On Saturday, he talked at length about trying to find red Reebok spikes that he could wear, since he has an endorsement contract with said shoe company. He never found them. So, yesterday, he had the Phillies’ equipment staff paint his black, number-nine spikes red to comply with MLB uniform guidelines. He Tweeted that his new ones will be delivered on Tuesday.

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There's more.

Pence, obviously, doesn’t have a car or a home in Philly. After the game, he told reporters he was picked up at his hotel by Chase Utley, who briefly showed him around the city and bought him coffee. Bromance, yo.

He also only had turf shoes to wear on yesterday’s flight to Colorado. Luckily (I think), Cliff Lee hooked up him with some good ‘ol cowboy boots: 

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Perhaps his meal schedule is screwed up, too. When asked by Sarge what he was thinking rounding third en route to scoring the winning run, Pence said, “Good game, let’s go eat.”

Video of his post-game interview with Sarge and presser with reporters (via Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times), after the jump.


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  1. Bromance….hilarious….I have to admit, I love me some Pence too.
    Not enough to give him cowboy boots though….eh?

  2. How Jealous is Werth right now…Not only is this dude making everyone forget he was ever a philly, his former bromance with Chase has now been replaced by, well his replacement…haha. too bad Werth!

  3. all the sneaker and shoe stores in philly i’m sure he could have sent the ballboy to payless to pick him up a pair of bo bo’s for the trip. oh poor rich guy has no sneakers cry me a fucking river

  4. i’m not sure payless sells red, likely size 12+, pro caliber metal cleats. just a hunch.

  5. Can you imagine what Hunter’s car ride around Philadelphia with Chase Utley must have been like? Wow to have listened in on that!

  6. Oh yeah, Pence is gonna fit in just fine here…meanwhile, my man crush on Cliff Lee continues to burn with the heat of 1000 suns

  7. Cliff Lee giving Pence cowboy boots…might be the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard…

  8. Where the fuck is Reebok in all of this? He’s their endorser and they can’t be bothered to overnight a pair of red spikes to Philly? As soon as we started seeing him hugging teammates in the Houston dugout on Friday night someone from Reebok should have been on it. For it to still not have happened until after the 2nd game is just pathetic.

  9. Reebok custom molds/fits and makes the cleats pros wear so it’s actually not that easy to get him a pair. They are probably not made in this country for starters so short of them knowing which team he was going to be traded to, not much else you can do. Getting the new pair in 4 days is not bad.

  10. I’m disappointed in pence. I mean, no muffin reference in his post game interview? Kid has a lot to learn lol

  11. Funny: Zherdev gets car service all year, and Pence hitches a ride with a teammate as soon as he gets here.

  12. What was that object that Pence threw into the stands? Looks like a used hanky or sweat rag. Yikes! I don’t ike him that much to want that.
    And I love it when Sarge gets excited. His throat gets a little gratey, like he’s got a little growl in him. Keep it up Sarge. And be careful! T-Mac’s eclipsing both him and Wheels on the old man spare tire. I bet he’ll have the biggest one come October. Hahahahah

  13. I have a spare room Pence can stay in if he needs a place to crash for a few days. I’m just a couple miles from the park…

  14. Dwayne, chill the hells out. The point was Lee just did something thoughtful for him, it wasn’t a sympathy campaign.

  15. This Pence guy….not sure I like his lack of energy, no comradery with teamates or just wants to be the man attitude…better watch himself or I can see him getting traded for a guy who can barely play whiffle ball.
    (its sarcasm day folks haha)

  16. OOOH…
    Chase bought Hunter a cuppa cawfee..!!!omg
    and then…oooh..
    Cliff got him a pair of cowboy boots…isn’t that so sexy?!?
    wtf is wrong with this site, it sounds like a ninth grade girls’ locker room.
    so Chase bought Pence coffee, it’s the same as when a new guy (or girl) shows up at your job and you do him or her a favor to get them acclimated. And Phifer gave Pence cowboy boots – doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Pence is from Texas and that’s all they freakin wear, they don’t wear bo-bo’s down there. They’re TEXANS for fukk sake.

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