Checking in on Dry Island: Homer Speaks, Jagr Calls Pittsburgh Fans “Girls”

Oh hey, Flyers, thought we forgot about you in the hysteria of Howie Roseman and Ruben Amaro making slick transactions? We did not. We did not forget.

Yesterday, the Flyers website ran this story from the Hockey News about Paul Holmgren and all the off-season craziness. At first, I thought it might read something like an imagined spinoff novel about Laura Linney’s bipolar brother in Love Actually… instead, it turned out to be a rather well-balanced piece about the team, the season, and Homer’s genocide:

“I don’t know if we got better or worse,” Holmgren said, “but we got different.”


But you get the distinct feeling this wasn’t just about acquiring a goaltender. Reports of discord in the Flyers room often cited Carter and Richards, though one player said: “I’m not going to throw those guys under the bus,” and Holmgren himself said things had been blown out of proportion. But there was a cause celebre back in 2008 when pictures of Richards and Carter going all Animal House at a frat party surfaced on the Internet. (Guys in their young 20s who never had the college experience drinking and fraternizing with kids their own age? the nerve!) There 

sometimes appeared to be some friction between Pronger and Richards over his leadership, but Pronger said the two never elevated their voices to one another.


Worth a read.

Speaking of acquisitions, Jaromir Jagr is proving to be rather awesome in his early quotes. Teemu, Broad Street Hockey’s cowboy-hat wearing European hockey correspondent, passed along the following from Jagr:

"I know I'm the number one enemy in Pittsburgh. I don't know why and I don't care.

It's like when a boy breaks up with a girl and the boy is totally over it, but the girl starts to throw crap."


Pittsburgh fans are known to act like little bitches, so this makes complete sense. I assume BSH will have a full story at some point, we will forward a link when they do.

Back to the Ruben and Roseman show.

[If you'd like to follow up on the Laura Linney reference, we refer you to this very NSFW, yet surprisingly impressive scene from Love Actually]

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  1. See? I knew there was no reason to get our panties in a bunch about Jagr. Welcome to Philly my man

  2. Tangent from Flyers news, but isn’t it interesting that Laura Linney has another mental brother in that new cancer show of hers. At least I assume he’s mental. What other excuse would there be to want to asspire to be a bum?
    Penqueens fans are not only little bitches, but they are little bitches in constant heat with both bladder and yeast infections all the time. They’re the whiniest lot on Puck Daddy. So much that I’m pretty much turned-off to that blog.

  3. Kyle, I think my crush on you is now reaching uncomfortable levels. Damn you and your awesome posts that mention some of my favorite things: Love Actually, the Flyers, and Penguin-bashing.

  4. Some fans in Pittsburgh are mad because Jagr lied and said that he would play for the league minimum if he had an opportunity to play for the Pens. I am not one of them. In fact, I’m thrilled that the Flyers overpaid for this senior citizen as well as our 4th line center and continue their idiotic moves this offseason. Enjoy Flyers fans!

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