Cole Hamels Dances, Hunter Pence Takes Off His Shirt

Cole_hamels_fashion_showPhoto: Phillies

It's that time of year again: Shane Victorino hosted his annual fashion show for charity last night. Here's Hunter Pence without his shirt on:

Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 7.42.17 AMPhoto: My PHL 17

When I Tweeted about this last night, one reader told me her pants spontaneously fell off. Figured that would be the reaction…

My PHL 17 has a full photo gallery. Video of Cole Hamels dancing, after the jump. It might be the most uncomfortable thing you will see all year.


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  1. There…are….no….words….I’ll be in my room looking at these photo galleries all day. Thank you Shane Victorino for giving the ladies something to enjoy off the field as much as we enjoy what goes on, on the field.
    Kyle, I am sad for you that Lee wasn’t in this. I can’t imagine what you would have done if the Steed would have pranced his way down the runway. Fingers crossed for the wiffleball game with Bryz though! 🙂

  2. I assume everyone saw the shot of Pence checkin out one of the models with the “I want to tap that” face, right? $10 says he did.

  3. welp…any chance cole had at earning street cred is clearly out the window after that…swag is at all time lows…

  4. Holy shit even Jamie Moyer made an appearance!
    The comment about one female reader’s pants spontaneously falling off upon seeing Hunter without his shirt on literally had me cracking up.

  5. I’ve been giving Cole the benefit of the doubt for years. There is now no doubt in my mind that he is gay.

  6. Cole can be gay or whatever as much as he wants as long as he keeps crushing opposing lineups!

  7. Oh ffs … Cole is messing around. He’s hilarious. If he was trying to hide something, do you really think he’d do this?
    You guys need to chill.

  8. You have to love Cole. He does his best, but it is painfully clear that he does not fit in with this team.

  9. He doesn’t fit in with this team? I think his teammates would disagree.
    And I am now convinced he’s NOT gay. He’s an awful dancer.

  10. The Cole dancing vid is so tame. The way you built it it up I thought he was going full tilt Woody’s.
    They all looked like they were having a good time, and now we all know Pence likes to disrobe in public. Sounds like a good fit for this town.

  11. Seeing Hunter Pence shirtless just made up for the hurricane and the earthquake fucking up this week.

  12. Ummmmm. Hunter Pence….. umm, i think, i mean, i KNOW i want to have your babies… i love you

  13. Thank you for the pic of Hunter Pence without a shirt. I will print this out and when the power and internet go out, this pic will keep me company during a long, dark Sunday.

  14. most kids dreams are to grow up to be a pro baseball player; Cole’s dream were to be a male model….want a flamer

  15. Clean up in aisle 3. he’s flexing muscles in his back that I didn’t even know exsisted. New phone background? Check.

  16. Agree with Shannon. Just tongue-in-cheek fun going on here! None of them looked very macho at this event. It’s a spoof! Philadelphia always wants to believe the worst about Cole. Can’t wait till he’s with the BoSox or Yankees in 2013.

  17. Glad to see we have a bunch of insecure homophobes on the site making comments.
    Relax guys – if you noticed – this was to raise money for CHARITY.
    I’m betting most of the comments are from dudes who only wished they had Pence’s body.

  18. The comments below these posts are the funniest thing I read every day. Thanks folks.

  19. Oh My God Hunter! I’m still down the shore, going to evacuate at 8, but I think I could last the whole weekend myself and his picture PLEASE GET A FRONTAL or full back. Oh My God.

  20. The muscles in his back are so big it looks like they could flap wings, he must be an angel.

  21. The way Cole is pitching he could of walked out there in a pink banana hammock and I would care less

  22. Holy. Fucking. Hunter. Pence.
    Is it possible for a female to get a full fledged boner?
    Wow. O_O.

  23. @Matt from Morton — I know exactly what photo you’re talking about. I thought the same thing (though not as a tame as what you called it).
    If anything, that video of Cole tells me he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He embraces his awkwardness.

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