David Akers Lost $3.7 Million in Ponzi Scheme

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Part of this story was reported earlier this year, when David Akers revealed that he had lost a lot of money investing with Triton Financial. Yesterday, Akers told a federal jury that he lost $3.7 million investing with the Austin-based company: [The Post Game]

Akers claims he got some bad advice from Kurt Barton, the former chief executive of the company. 

"I've had a lot of sleepless nights," Akers told the Austin-American Statesman. "This is my family's future. I said that to Kurt a lot of times. I said, 'Man I'm trusting in you.'" 

Prosecutors say Barton regularly lied to investors about where their money actually ended up; instead he built up a $50 million Ponzi scheme.


Sean Considine, Ty and Koy Detmer also had dealings with Barton. Sad.

[The Post Game]

H/T to Nick 

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28 Responses

  1. Akers is a loser? Okay Mike. You clearly wouldn’t know class if it donated $100,000,000 to the bank account of your choice. Wow.

  2. Yeah, shows that Mike is a pint size idiot. Akers is a class act. I feel bad for him having to go thru those issues with his daughter and losing all this money at the same time. No wonder he wanted a longer contract…

  3. Explains why he was so butthurt when the eagles tagged him. He needed to get max value cause he sucks at investing.

  4. That game still haunts me! if that p*ssy Akers could make a clutch kick, I would have cashed in & treated myself to 20 wings & a cheesesteak from Steak & Hoagie

  5. @Robert Marr,
    Do you think you should stop buying them? If you are that troubled over it, you shouldnt be betting.

  6. I lost a weeks pay 1 week on a Eskin stone cold mortal lock pick. Needless to say Sophie wasn’t spicing that week for dinner

  7. its funny how you nitwits make these ridiculous comments about a guy who was nothing but CLASS when he was here.

  8. @dennis- I agree. What the hell is wrong with these idiots making insane comments about a person who was pure class. Sickens me.

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