Eagles Sign Steve Smith

Steve_smith_giantsPhoto source: Matt Slocum, AP

The one from the Giants.

Howie Roseman went shopping again today. He picked up a slightly discounted former Pro Bowler, Steve Smith, who is coming off micofracture surgery.

Grilled Reuben Frank just reported on CSN that Smith could be back as early as late-September. High-risk, high-reward signing right there… though it does have to make you wonder about Jeremy Maclin's odd illness…

Philly Sports Daily has the story.

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9 Responses

  1. you mean low risk high reward??? we can just cut his ass the second he shows signs of not performing…plus he is the red zone target we crave..

  2. Please go on his facebook page. Giants fans are going off the deep end. It’s wonderful.

  3. I’m really getting the impression it’s something very bad with maclin. Something so bad that it maybe even made desean humble enough to come back humble. Hope I’m wrong.

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