Flyers_casinoNot Dry Island

Here's more news about the Winter Classic, the game that is not going to happen even though it's going to happen.

According to Tim Panaccio, producers from HBO (who I would imagine wear skinny jeans and sport hipster side parts) were in Philly today to meet with Paul Holmgren about their access for 24/7, the behind-the-scenes documentary leading up to the Winter Classic.

No further details were given, but we can expect something similar to what we saw last year: behind-the-scenes access to the locker room, coach's office, practice facility, team plane, and even players' homes. 

Last year, Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said the cameramen actually felt like a part of the team: [Globe and Mail]

“The first thing you think is they’re going to find me behind a closed door or see me yelling at a player… and they’re not trying to do that. They’re not hiding. You know where they’re at. If there’s situations you don’t want to be on TV or recorded, that’s there for you. I probably turned off the microphone… maybe 2 per cent of the time. They’re trying to make you look good and portray your team in a good light.”

While Bylsma doubts they’d let the cameras backstage in for the playoffs, he says it could work. “I wouldn’t be averse to that. If I got the same crew back. They were Pittsburgh Penguins. The eight guys (on the production crew) that were in our room were Pittsburgh Penguins. It was ‘we’ and ‘us’, and I still get texts from them.”


We'll just assume these guys will have to pledge their allegiance to Dry Island if they want to be a part of the Flyers' inner sanctum.

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