Help Us Win: Vote For Crossing Broad

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I feel a bit sheepish asking you to vote for us again, since I just did so last week in a different poll, but we need your help, and, quite frankly, this time it's a bigger deal.

CBS Philly (full disclosure: I've done some writing for them) is holding Philadelphia's Most Valuable Blogger Awards. Voting will begin later this month, but right now they are taking nominations. I know where your allegiance is, now tell the rest of the city. 

Just click this link, enter our name, and check-off "sports." That's it. Takes 15 seconds. We'll post another link when voting begins.

As always, thanks!


25 Responses

  1. I would totally vote, if you weren’t such a douche. I would say other blogs deserve it more… because they’re not douches. You’re just a bit too condescending sometimes. I probably wouldnt like to meet you in person.

  2. With a name like “Slook” that easily sums up your relevance (or lack thereof).
    I voted for you Kyle, I go to this site multiple times daily…keep up the great work!

  3. Done
    @Slook, they are the reasons why CB is the best – plenty of other blogs with no personality and just regurgitate beat report news. You also need to be able to understand and appreciate a good joke and sarcasm

  4. Crossing Broad is a Blog I cant stop going to for whatever reason. Yeah, there are some quirks, but nobody is perfect.

  5. @ Aaron. Please entertain me on how the name “Slook” equates to relevance (or lack thereof). You sound a bit douchey yourself. I love the site too, I just dont think it deserves an award… or even an honorable mention. For what this site is, it’s pretty evident that Kyle is a narcissist (being that he thinks he is worthy of an award). Dude needs to get over himself. Back to “Slook”, please enlighten me.

  6. In an ironic twist, making me aware of this nomination caused me to nominate someone ELSE. Sorry, Kyle. I had to go with Crashburn Alley. Their analysis is just too good. Plus their seeming alliance with The Fightins and Zoo With Roy give them the clear advantage.
    Keep up the good work though. I find Crossing Broad very entertaining.

  7. Nominated. I’ve been visiting this site daily since a friend told me about it in the spring. Good luck!

  8. hard to vote for a malvern graduate but that shouldn’t get in the way of due respect.

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