Hey, Now You Too Can F$%k in Pat Burrell’s Old Condo!

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Today's featured real estate listing:

Pat the Bat’s Penthouse unit is a 3 bedroom 3/1 bath listed at 4,327 sq ft. Here are some of it’s many unique features, courtesy of Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors-Walnut:

  • Dual spiral staircases leading to separate in home dual workspaces.
  • Top of the line kitchen with Sub Zero & Wolf stainless steel appliances and black granite counters.
  • Floating stairs guide you to the master suite with custom bed, oversized shower and Jacuzzi tub.
  • Separate laundry room.


That's right, if you have roughly $3 million lying around, this lovely, three bedroom, three bath condo can be yours. I would, however, highly recommend giving the floors, walls, windows, and stairway railings (don't ask) a once over with bleach and repentance. Ya know, just to be safe.

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More on the Atacan Group's website. Video tour… hither.


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  1. Thanks for making it clear that this is a Prudential Fox & Roach listing, as a Pru Fox agent myself in Bucks County I HATE it when these other agencies try to pass of our listings as their own…call Pru Fox Roach, not Atacan, if you have the cash and want to buy it…

  2. @Ron , either you work for Atacan, or you’ve never had a career in sales where weasels try and take your product and pawn it off as their own exclusive…this is a cut-throat, low-profit industry as it is, we don’t need upstarts trying to pretend this is their listing (they do reference PFR on the link, as they legally have to, but their slick website buries that information and it’s not obvious)…try and work a day in my shoes then see how you feel when this happens…and congrats for sticking up for the little guy by telling him to go F on a website…must be a republican

  3. Haha Monty, relax– It’s called the Multiple Listing Service. Prufox put at the end of their description (in all caps) “BUYER BROKERS WELCOME!” So clearly they don’t feel like having a $3 million listing sitting on the shelf for a year and they want to find potential buyers. All they did was blog about a public listing, ultimately creating more exposure for Pru Fox and getting some extra hits on their website.

  4. I get it Joe, this whole thing started with me giving props to Kyle for crediting the correct listing agent, which is the right and honorable thing to do (other blogs missed that detail)…I’m all for the laws surrounding buyer’s agency, but I find it suspicious that this company that has mass-emailed prominent philly sports blogs in the past about sports related real estate is trying to corner the market on taking credit for properties that aren’t even their listings…I was just happy that Kyle gave proper credit to whom is actually representing this property, not the sharks that are marketing it on the sly hoping to rope someone in…I guess it only makes sense to people who slave day and night and weekends in the industry…
    PS they didn’t blog about it, they sent their website to blogs for publication, which is a form of marketing. When it’s not your listing, you shouldn’t be marketing it. They’re trying to attract attention to their brokerage firm by using products that are not theirs to market, which is at the least un-ethical and at the most, well, you get it…

  5. Additionally, this “real estate group” photoshopped a copyright protected image of Pat onto the image of the property, and the last time I checked this is not part of “fair use” copyright law…satire is allowable, as is back-up copies, but anything with commercial gain is not allowable under copyright law…

  6. Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.

  7. Like any of the shmoes reading this or any of those other blogs can afford a place like that

  8. Has anyone else noticed how hideous the decor is in this property? Architecturally lovely, but the decorator should be jailed for bad taste. UGLY.

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