Is Hunter Pence Going to Live at Cliff Lee’s Rittenhouse Condo?

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I'm dizzy.

Check out this Tweet from ESPN The Magazine's Molly Knight, who says Hunter Pence may (temporarily?) live with Cliff Lee at 1706 Rittenhouse:


Ladies and gentlmen, mostly gentlemen, your man crush can now go into full-blown overload. 

Like, for realsies, what is breakfast going to be like? Is Hunter Pence going to wake up and ask Clifton and Kristen if they want to go eat? Is he going to borrow his cowboy boots? Will he sleep in their bed?!

There are so many questions, so so many things I want to know, I'm not sure if my brain can handle this right now.

Ironically, I was already in the midst of crafting a man crush post. Stay tuned.


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  1. Kristen and the kids are probably back home for school and such, so Cliff and Hunter can have the bed to themselves.

  2. I can picture Hunter walking up to their room with a tray full of breakfast…an assortment of danishes, waffles lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and fresh, hand-squeezed OJ.

  3. I bet within the confines of the condo, Cliff calls him “the Beaver”, everything is black and white, and Hunter says “aww shucks” a lot. That’s just my mental image.

  4. “The banner picture of Clifton with the Philly sky line backdrop is badass.”
    Posted by: The Face | August 10, 2011 at 02:27 PM
    Where’s the “Face”, The Face?

  5. “Captain Stabbin”, she used proper quotations. She quoted what he said. Did a decent job for a 140 character minimum.

  6. Together they will construct the greatest couch cushion and blanket fort the world has ever seen!

  7. As a red-blooded, Pence-loving, female, the only way this could be better is if somehow Ryan Madson was going to end up in this Phillies version of Full House. “H1N2 Brieregiroux Virus” indeed. Do they need someone to clean the condo while Mrs. L is in Texas?

  8. Can you please stop saying “for realsies?” The phrase ruins whatever post its in.

  9. Ocho Cinco is going to live with a fan so why cant pence live with Lee???? I mean Howard and Victorino once lived with J-Roll

  10. “Can you please stop saying “for realsies?” The phrase ruins whatever post its in.”
    Posted by: Hans Vermhat | August 10, 2011 at 05:26 PM
    My sentamints exactly, my Germanic friend.

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  12. Lucky? Yes I feel incredibly lucky. I waited 26 years for what you’ve had for the last 35…and now I’ll probably never have that again. Lucky, lucky, lucky–that’s me. And I appreciate how lucky I am that I have all these friends. Of course, since I moved out of the town I’d been living in for 21 years just two months before W died, I really haven’t had much company during this grieving process. I am alone, on average, about six evenings a week. Exactly five friends have come to see me at my house in the five months since he died…generally, I only see friends if I go to them. There are days, lots of them, when I do not actually speak to another human being. Text, instant message, email? Yes. Speak? No. That would require me reaching out to someone, and for much of this time, I have been too depressed to think about reaching out. And even if I had tons of people around all the time, this is a journey that each of us has to make alone. No one can carry this burden for me…it is mine, and mine alone.

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