It’s Official: WIP to FM, New Lineup (with Audio)

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It's official: Beginning September 6th, 610 WIP will broadcast on 94.1 FM, becoming 94 WIP. WYSP will be no more.

The new lineup, per the release:


Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team with Rhea Hughes and Al Morganti:

Each morning a Philly favorite former athlete joins the show for unique insight into sports.  Among the guests include Keith Jones (Flyers) and Ricky Bottalico (Phillies), as well as a Philadelphia Eagle to be named at a later date.


The Mike and Ike Show:

Featuring current Comcast SportsNet host Michael Barkann and former Eagle All Pro Ike Reese, this show will provide listeners with unparalleled analysis, and opinions from the biggest names in sports.


Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow:

WIP’s highly successful midday show moves to late afternoon. The duo has consistently been Philadelphia’s No. 1 most listened to sports show in their current timeperiod.


Rob Ellis or sports play-by-play

Overnights will be handled by Big Daddy Graham, broadcasting from 2:00-5:30AM.


Sooo, there's one addition: Barkann, who apparently hates sleep… or his family. He will retain all of his CSN duties. That means, in theory, he could host a show on WIP from 10-1, Daily News Live from 5-6, Pregame Live from 6:30-7, and Postgame Live from 10-10:30. Rinse and repeat.

Barkann is tremendous, but why more Reese? Why? He's not particularly well-spoken, rarely backs up opinion with fact, and isn't very entertaining. I really don't get their love for him. That being said, Barkann will make for a much better tag-team partner than Eskin.

One interesting sublplot in all this is Gargano going up against his buddy, Mike Missanelli.. on FM

The other rumored addition to the lineup (on weekends) is Brian Westbrook. I'm told an announcement on that is coming shortly.

Audio of the announcement, after the jump. Your thoughts… in the comments.


75 Responses

  1. It’s about time WIP switched to FM. I was surprised to see ESPN do it first, but now WIP is behind the curve. Not sure if they’ll pick up audience they lost to the Fanatic, but time will tell.
    Barkann is great, but his voice is annoying. Yes, cherry picking for the sake of complaining. Ike Reese? Go away. My favorite thing about this move is Flyers games on the FM dial. That’s all.

  2. Agree with Ryan, what’s the story with YSP. Losing ANOTHER rock station in Philadelphia is disheartening….I hope it moves to somewhere else…

  3. @Brandon, all Philly sports will be on the FM dial. I’d assume WIP will keep their Phillies Sunday baseball broadcast, which will be on FM.

  4. I gotta say I’ve been listening to sports talk radio for 20+ years and the most entertaining show has been Bruno and Mays on 97.5. WIP blew it by not putting Ike with Gargano, they have great chemistry. Mac and Mac should get midday, then Cuz and Ike

  5. I won’t listen to Barkann and Reese from a personal interaction with Barkann. Guy is a complete dick. You’d think he was a big time athlete, not just a local sports personality with how arrogant the asshole is.

  6. WTF they should have broke up Glen “talk down to callers” Macnow & The Cuz (my baby lil ant just threw a ball Bo). Ohhhhhh hipster Dave

  7. Wip blew it not pairing Ike & Cuz together. Them to have excellent chemistry & would relate better to a younger audience

  8. Can they please get rid of Cataldi and Rhea, it’s the worst show in the AM, I can’t stand all the bitching and whining from both of them, they bring nothing of interest to the table

  9. I can’t listen to Miley miss because of that horrible rap song he plays at the open

  10. They kept Ike Reese, but they couldn’t keep Hugh Douglas? Clearly they decided to go with the cheaper option, and sacrificed quality.

  11. Totally disagree with J.T. above. I worked on the Wachovia and CSN expansion back in ’05 and Barkann would go out of his way to be nice and say hello

  12. I’m gonna miss WYSP. I’ve been a loyal listener through the years; it’ll be a shame not to have the music there through the day, especially being part of wMYsp & picking the music that plays out of my radio.

  13. J.T.. did you ever think that maybe you were the dick, and Barkann was just reacting to the douche in his presence? Anywho, I hate Missanelli. I’d throw a party if he died in a fiery wreck. I haven’t listened to afternoon sports radio in ages because of the terrible choice of either him or Eskin. I like Barkann, hate Ike… but I’m working during their show anyway… so it makes no difference to me. I enjoyed the mid day show in the past when I worked a different shift, so I’ll definitely give those guys a listen in their new time slot. I also ONLY enjoy the morning show when Keith Jones is on. (notice… Flyers fans hate Missanelli… hmm… I wonder why)

  14. Barkann cut me off in traffic before and then gave me the finger… That is all I have to say about him.
    Glad this move happened, I live in Lancaster and can never get the WIP in clearly. Hopefully the FM signal will help

  15. @SpikeEskin
    Spike Eskin Anyone else notice the irony in the guy who everyone said got his job because of his dad, losing his job because of his dad’s station?

  16. Missanelli is the new Eskin= A complete prick who thinks everything he say’s is right. And he loves LeFraud. Ike Reese is the freaking man and so is Barkann, anyone who think’s otherwise isn’t a Philly fan.

  17. I agree with those who think The Cuz should be moved with Ike at 3..Cuz and Mac have terrible chemistry these days.
    Cuz hates Glen constantly shilling his books and all his food contests. Ike and Cuz are like two college buddies.

  18. WIP should replace Rhea with Amy Fadool. Boy I would love to motor boat her cans. Brssssssssss

  19. Wip would drive me crazy when they would talk about things like best cheessteaks, politics or greatest movies. They could also do without events like play days & worlds biggest bubble baths. Who wants to listen to a bunch of grown men play games & whores in bubbles.

  20. Love the addition of Barkann but I gotta agree with Kyle: when the hell does this guy sleep?? Gargano & Macnow vs Mikey Miss? Almost a coin toss; although if Mikey continues down the contrarian, slightly condescending path that he’s taking now I may give WIP the edge. Cataldi? Pure garbage. If 97.5 would just sack up already and do a local morning sports show with even mildly likable/knowledgable personalities they would blow WIP out of the water.
    On a side note the loss of WYSP sucks. The lack of music variety in this city is a pretty pathetic joke. You either like hip-hop, pop, or straight up rap, or you do like I did 2 years ago and just pay for Sirius XM. The only time if ever listen to Philly radio now is for sports or Preston & Steve. Period.

  21. What about Jody Mac? I rather have him and Rob Ellis together from 10-1. I wished they overhauled the morning show.

  22. And people used to say the late, great James Brown was “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business”. Well, I’d say that Barkann’s now accepted the mantle. Meanwhile, what do the suits see in Ike Reese who never impressed me as a talk show host. Hugh Douglas is far better, I’d rather have him team up with Barkann than Reese.

  23. @Evaporationboy
    No, I didn’t think that. I took my father and step-mother to breakfast at a Delco luncheonette about 7 years ago. The place was pretty busy, and we had to wait for a table. My Dad had recently had heart surgery, and was still recovering. Barkann was sitting at the counter with his briefcase, newspaper and another bag. He was taking up 3 chairs with everything. I walked over and asked Barkann if he wouldn’t mind moving his stuff so my Dad and step-mom could sit while we waited (the surgeons had to go literally crotch-to-ankle in one leg to get enough artery or whatever for my dad’s heart). The bandages were still there, visible, and it was obvious my dad was in pain standing there. Barkann’s response? “Do you see my stuff there? Why would I move it?”
    So yeah. He’s a dick. It was not me. Unless I’m a dick for wanting to help my dad out.
    Barkann was an arrogant prick that day. Maybe he’s not all the time, but he lost me. You don’t pull that shit and ever be okay in my book.
    But you go ahead and believe I’m the douche in the situation.

  24. Saw Barkann at the game last night visiting guys at the end of my row. He went out of his way to say hi to everyone who acknowledged him. Seemed super nice, and may have been riding the knowledge that he’s the big news in the WIP switch.
    Dood looked weird in his streets vs his usual suit.

  25. Agreed. If 97.5 got a half decent local personality for a local morning show, they would crush cataldi in the morning.

  26. Giving Ike a bad rap for no reason. He’s great to listen to, he’s an average sports fan. Only talks or argues when he knows what he is talking about which generally only football. Listens to callers and let’s them make their point. I don’t think he would tell you he is the most articulate man in the world, but who is, and who cares. Stop acting like a typical Nova dick.

  27. Sounds like the prediction Kidd Chris has been making for the past 3 or 4 years is coming true. Music on the radio is dying, with the exception of oldies and pop/hip hop.
    Give it 5-10 years. FM radio will be 90% talk. It’s too easy to get the EXACT music you want from your phone/ipod. And now, even radio stations from other markets are at your fingertips. in 20+ years, Radio will be dead.

  28. Joe is spot on. Stop bitching that your music will be gone, get an iPod or fuck turn on a computer and go on youtube. Radio is for talk.

  29. You guys can’t underrate what 975 has going for them.. the giant that is ESPN. it’s hard to compete with Disney here. They have all of the connections. The only thing CBS radio has is the phillies game calls

  30. WIP is Horrible. They need to get rid of the ‘sports Pig’ and the other clowns. Barkann should help but need to do a lot more house cleaning. 97.5 is so much better.
    Btw, Mike and Ike show???? Really?? Let me guess, never realized the fanatic has the mike and mike?

  31. did they say what Danny Bonaduce was doing? I like him better than any of the morning sports shows to be honest.

  32. Could you imagine a morning show on WIP of Cataldi and Bonaduce? Now that I’d listen to.

  33. I’ve never listed much to sports talk radio prior to last year, but the fact that 97.5 was first to make it easy to stay current on the Philadelphia sports scene for an out-of-town fan like myself (being on FM, affiliated with ESPN, and having an iPhone app) means I’ll stay loyal to them. I like the majority of their local on-air personalities, Mike & Mike in the morning is GREAT, and I think their seasonal programming (particularly Talkin Baseball with Dutch) is solid.
    In addition, even though Eskin is leaving, I will always equate WIP with him, and I can’t get over that hurdle.
    The personalities that WIP have shifted or added do nothing for me either. Cataldi, for me, is like nails on a chalkboard (turned him on for 3 seconds during a commercial break on 97.5 Wednesday morning and thought I was going to pass out in pain). Barkann might be beloved in Philly, but the few times I’ve seen him on CSN makes me want to turn the channel (HORRIBLE interviewer, grating voice).
    Should be interesting, though!

  34. @J.T. So he was a douche, big deal, Maybe he was having a bad day, you don’t know what was going on in his life, not justifying what he did because that was a dick move, but I would be hard pressed to find someone who never behaved out of character, and I don’t think you can discredit someone based on one encounter.

  35. @Brian
    I can discredit him all I want, right or wrong. And you see people do this all the time, every day, with people who are put in front of us. The only difference? I’m basing it on something he did directly to me and my family, not a statement he made or something he said about (insert favorite athlete, celebrity, animal, religion).
    I didn’t say you couldn’t like him, or listen to him. I didn’t say he was like that all the time. I said he did it that day, and it pissed me off so much he lost me. I’m human.
    And I’m happy with 97.5.
    So there you go.

  36. Ike Reese is annoying and terrible and so is WYSP. Bad move, should have gotten rid of Macknow and put Rob Ellis in with the cuz, a way better dynamic.
    I got sick and tired of hearing annoying ACDC and overplayed ’90s songs all the time, switched to Sirius, and never looked back.

  37. I cant believe they kept Ike Reese.
    way too much eagle covergage on wip I think hurt them.
    they are now taking steps to balance things out I hope by getting rid of Eskin and Douglas who loved to talk eagles only.

  38. They shoulda used a hockey puck in the “P” in the logo like the they used the baseball and football in the 9 & 4… Ill still be tuning into 97.5 anyway though..

  39. Hahahahahah a fitting end for a station that started out playing Lawrence Welk music. Now they’ll be playing Lauren Hart when she God Blesses America before Flyers games.

  40. I think Barkann is a mistake. He hosted the morning show a few times and it seemed awfully forced and does not have a continuous radio personality. And pairing him with Ike Reese furthers the mistake.
    I would have liked to see Gargano and Reese together in the afternoon I really liked their chemistry when Ant would fill in for Eskin.

  41. i think reese is alot better without eskin because he wont disagree with him, well see about barkann… i could see jody mac coming into that slot if it doesnt work ala that gonzo trash idea of a show when they brought in baldy

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  43. I’m a HUGE Phillies fan, but God Damn, do I hate to see WYSP go. It’s not that it’s the best station ever, but (a) it’s been around in one way or another for forever, so holds a lot of sentimental value, and (b) it was a CHOICE, a pre-set on my car radio that I could go to reliably for rock. Not everyone has the energy, money, etc. to go the IPOD/Sirius route. It’s a shame to see a rock n’ roll institution go down like that..

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