Jamie Moyer Will Begin His Rehab… in Clearwater

Photo: Phillies Phollowers

Say what?

The Phillies are going to let Jamie Moyer begin his rehab – remember, he's 49 – at Bright House Field in Clearwater.

Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Zolecki has your grammatical stylings: [via Deadspin]

He is going to be continuing his rehab from Tommy John surgery at the Phillies’ Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla. The Phillies have not signed Moyer to a contract, so he remains a free agent, but he asked the Phillies if he could use their facilities.

“We’re providing him our space in Clearwater and our expertise,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said.


Consider it a big thank you to Ja-Mo for his contributions. We're going to assume that the Phillies have no interest in re-signing Pops.

Moyer, of course, still has the mind of a child. On Friday, he lined Charlie Manuel's seat with rosin


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  1. Why the hell not? If Tim Wakefield can earn a starting spot in the Red Sox rotation as a 45 year-old knuckleballer, why can’t Gramps Moyer replace a Kendrick, Blanton, or even an Oswalt (if he retires) in the Phils rotation as a 49 year-old junkballer? It’s not like it’d make much of a difference if he lost a few mph on his fastball…

  2. I agree with Tony. I say he could be a force whether it’s a spot above KK and Phat Joe in the rotation or as an alternate—all depending if Oswalt won’t retire and Vanimal stays in as a starter—or even in the bullpen. The pranks alone might be worth it.

  3. The non-believers can shut up until or unless they’re proven right.
    I’d love to see the Old Man back in red pinstripes. We’ve been owned a few times this year by Moyer-like pitchers. I’d rather Moyer than get Moyer’d.

  4. Would definitely be nice to see Moyer pitch again..tenacious old man..those w/ that mentality are the true icons. Obviously not in it for the money but for the love of the game. Props to pops.

  5. Why not? He’s our hometown boy, he should retire in the red pinstripes. I’m sure he still has something to offer, even wisdom if nothing else. You can’t get more veteran than Moyer.

  6. I’d rather stick my dick into Jenny Sack then the phils bringing back the old man

  7. Did you guys forget how he was pitching before he threw his arm off?T He’s not a velocity pitcher, age isn’t a huge issue. Why not take a look at him with the bionic arm and see what happens- a limited contract as a mid-reliver to replace glass arms and Schmedrick may be smart.
    The lack of respect for him though- you fuckers must be Mets fans.

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