Jimmy Rollins Has a Right Groin Strain

Screen Shot 2011-08-21 at 3.30.57 PM

Today in unfortunate typos…

According to every single Phillies beat reporter, Jimmy Rollins has a right groin strain. He is day-to-day. He hurt it going to his left and spinning behind second base.

Carry on.

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14 Responses

  1. Well, at least groin injuries have a habit of sticking around! I can’t wait to watch him virtually immobilized on the base paths this fall!

  2. Well, if you thought he was loafing it before, this will give him a reason to just walk up the 1st base line now…

  3. The only time I stained me groin was when I drank some India ink thinking it was some Irish tea (back in the days when I was a lush like Laddie Boy). That toxic shyte even the kidneys can’t filter out. And it makes the piss smell worse than asspearagus.

  4. I hope you laugh at your own incoherent ramblings paper mache mclassie because I highly doubt anybody else thinks it’s funny. What’s the point of taking on an Irish persona anyway; the lure of drunken stupidity, the magical ways of leperchauns, or the tiny penis known as the ‘irish curse’? You’re a fucking moron!

  5. Thanks Leon (although I can fend for meself).
    Hahahahahah Glad Tidings Blew Balls

    * Sounds like I touched some nerve. Having a bad night? Don’t blame me just cause you can’t get laid hahahahahah. And on that note I’d rather have me iron balls than have your blue balls hahahahahah.
    And you’re not so smart yourself. Irish curse is not the small penis but a flaccid one of any size. You can’t get on hard with it cause you drink too much. Something I always warn Laddie Boy (and anyone else who cares to listen, even though my posts aren’t required reading).
    No, me drinking days are over but not without some conseqwences. Nowadays I got a miracle of modern medicine in me called an implant and now all I need to do is inflate it up to get on hard as long as I want, when I want, and I can fine tune the length and girth. (I wish I’d waited for the viagra though, cause it’s sometimes awkward to have to pump it up before I go out and hire a lady of the night. But because of my specific condition it’s hard to know if drugs would have worked.) So let that be a cautionairy tale for all you young lushies out there, no matter what your last name is or what your ethnisitie is. (Well, that’s what me doc said what caused it, the alcohol abuse over a very long lifetime; I think it was from that industrial accident that made me lose all me hair follickles all over me entire body; Both problems more or less occurred around the same time.)
    PS: I don’t believe in fairy tale LePREchauns (learn how to spell, moron hahahahah). But what if I did? Is it any more stupider than believing that some poor sap who was crucified a long time ago was the son of god and was supposedly resurrected (even though the only evidence that he was is hearsay that was put down into written form several hundreds of years after all the events were supposed to occur)?
    *: Is VM Irish enough for you? See not all Sons of Erin have a Mc or O prefixing their surnames. I can’t help that just like I can’t help what I am or am not (or what you are or are not). So of you can’t do anything but complain about it then STFU.

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