Joe Pa Fractured His Pelvis This Weekend

And how was your Sunday afternoon?

According to a report on Blue and White Illustrated, and now backed up by Chris Fowler, Joe Paterno was hurt at practice yesterday. He was blindsided by 5'7" Devon Smith and has a hairline fracture on his pelvis and shoulder. Luckily, no surgery is required, according to Fowler.

This probably isn't going to sit well with some of the Penn State folks, but it's really time for Joe Pa to hang 'em up.

In 2008, he had hip replacement surgery after spraining his leg when demonstrating an onside kick. And then, of course, there is this now infamous radio interview from December. Can you hear me, Mad Dog?


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  1. Disagree completely. Joe continues to recruit good talent, has a run at the Big 10 title every 3-4 years, and provide classic remember-when-YOUR-grandpa-did-awesome-shit-like-this moments at least twice a year.
    He can coach till he decides not to anymore. Or dies on the field.
    Those are the two options, and that’s all.
    His retirement and/or death are going to be some of the darkest collective days a group of people have ever seen. A Papal funeral will look pedestrian compared to what JoePa will get.

  2. No I agree it’s time for JoePa to hang em up. He should be involved in any other way he wants to until he drops dead but as head coach he needs to step aside. He’d be great continuing to recruit & advise but that’s what his role should be now. As an alumnus, it hurts me to say that but it’s true. As much as he means to me, I can’t be blind to his declining state.

  3. Nice pic of JoePa… he looks like he is having a violent shitting episode into his depends! Shouldnt have ate that mexican food before kick off Joe!

  4. Does anyone think this old man actually does anything anymore? He has ppl running the team for him, he is nothing more than a
    Figurehead, and Penn state will be nothing more than mediocre until he steps down and they can finally move on with the program. Why are psu fans so dillusional?

  5. I’m convinced JoePa died at least 4 years ago and they have just used his corpse as some kind of puppet.

  6. Haters gonna hate. Kyle clearly can’t identify with a school that has such tradition as Penn State. This is JoePa’s team. He can do whatever he wants.
    WE ARE!

  7. I can’t believe people still support him coaching. I feel like someone should pull him to the side and inform him he’s “old as fuck.” I am also a PSU/Big 10 hater (hate, hate, hate), which I have no problem sharing with the world. But seriously. Almost 50 years he’s been coaching. Its time to tell JoePa to retire and for PSU to move in a new direction. Even if he is just a figure head, the school should move in another direction and ask him to retire.

  8. “Penn state will be nothing more than mediocre until he steps down”
    I guess a Big Ten title, a share of said Title, two BCS appearances, and 6 straight bowl appearances is “mediocre,” right?
    I get he doesn’t do much more than delegate right now. But don’t you think they get at LEAST 1-2 upper echelon recruits on JoePa’s reputation alone?
    If he’s not actually running anything, therefore not actually hurting anything, and he is a reason for a few good recruits a year, what’s the sense in getting rid of him?

  9. “I’m convinced JoePa died at least 4 years ago and they have just used his corpse as some kind of puppet.”
    You mean, Moving like Bernie??

  10. After he nearly shit himself on the field in 2006 during a game you’d think he would retire.

  11. No one in State College is going to tell Joe it’s time to go. So, he’ll coach until he dies or get incredibly sick.

  12. Let’s be real, he’s not actually coaching anymore anyway. He’s a figurehead. He’s only there for recruiting purposes and occassionally making a judgement call on the field.

  13. hey joe pa you better start letting the groupies ride you instead of trying to fuck them doggie style

  14. Me simpathees to Coach Paterno. I’ve had a couple of hip fractures (and a lot of metal to keep me pelvis together now), and they’re no fun as you need to stay off you feet for weeks or perhaps months on end. Then you almost have to learn to walk all over again, and it’s never the same and you’re forever arthritic.
    Just wait to you get old, Laddie, and see how you come out unscaythed, boy. Shame on you for making light on a man whose done much more with his life than you ever will. Plus I bet he handles his alcohol better than your drunkard arse.

  15. The only people who want JoePa to stick around are Penn State students and alums. It’s blasphemy to them to even suggest that he step down.
    The guy is a walking legend. His wins record will never be touched. He deserves to stay as long as he likes.
    Penn State will be at least “good” every year he coaches. It will reach a bowl game every season he’s at the helm.
    But do I think PSU football would be better off with a new coach? Yes, I do.

  16. Joe Pa gets leveled in practice so its time for him to quit? Pretty sure that would happen to any coach regardless of age. I went to PSU and know the impact Joe Pa has on and off the field. It’s up to him when he wants to leave, and it should be that way.

  17. college football is a joke.
    until it gets a playoff and doesn’t let a computer deside who #1 is I could care less about it.
    As for JoePA, thanks for the memories but a great person also knows when its time to say adios.

  18. haters opinions dont matter. anyone who is a fan of Penn State understands where the program is and that letting Joe do what he wants is the only way to let this continue. Noone can ask a LEGEND who put State College on the map to step down. As for it affecting the program, i can see peoples point of view, but being that Joe is most likely a figure head and Larry Johnson Sr and Tom Bradley handle most of the recruiting and coaching id say any negative impact is marginally measurable. Its only a plus for us ” State Lifers” who enjoy seeing his old ass run out of the tunnel every saturday. I cant imagine what that first saturday without the glasses, cuffed khakis and black sneakers would be like in the newly renamed Joe Paterno Stadium.

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