Welcome to the 2011 NFL offseason!

Maybe it’s because he’s no longer an Eagle, or because he didn’t do shit when he was here, but I feel like Kevin Kolb is quickly developing a smug side. When he was here (you could usually find him on the bench), he seemed like a really likable, down to earth guy. Well, now, perhaps because of his swinging dick and or fat wallet, he’s starting to play the role of "heel."

Over the weekend, he told reporters in Arizona that his new city was really clean. “Granted, I was coming from Philadelphia,” he said.

Then, as if pointing out the obvious (face it, parts of the city are shitholes) wasn’t annoying enough, Kolb then took to the airwaves in Phoenix to talk about Andy Reid and his decision to let this dog loose: [Deadspin]

"Well a couple of different things. Number one there is a great quarterback there right now and him and I competed for a full year last year. He's a star. Obviously we know what he can do. Secondly, I think Andy did it for me. When I first brought it up to him he said ‘you ain't going no where.' He was joking obviously, but we had a good relationship like that. I am one of his guys. He drafted me there. We became very close, but I think he did it for me. I think he knew it was time. He knew I was ready. He saw me through last year. The highs and the lows and said ‘alright it's time to unleash you.' That's what makes a great coach. He's going to do what is right for the players and that's why he has a long tenure in the NFL."


Unleash the Kolb. Angry puppies get unleashed too, though they don’t scare anybody and wind up only hurting themselves. But I suppose we’re not allowed to use dog references and quarterbacks in the same paragraph. Deadspin has more quotes.

Meanwhile, in other ex-Eagle news, Brodrick Bunkley didn’t report to camp after being traded to Cleveland… so the Eagles had to trade him to Denver. The NFL, folks.

Finally, Asante Samuel doesn’t sound too happy about the less-than-ringing endorsement the Eagles have given him: [Philly Sports Daily]

Meeting the media for the first time since arriving to training camp, he was asked if he has requested a trade. He responded with, “No comment.”

That is a strong comment within itself.

“I want to be where I’m wanted,” said Samuel. “If I’m not appreciated here, then life goes on.


You can read more over at Philly Sports Daily.

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