Let’s Go Eat

Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 11.27.31 AMI'm not sure he realizes that, with every word and gangly movement, he is further winning this city over.


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  1. Could Hunter be the best mid-season offensive acquisition the Phillies have ever made? Yes, I think he might be.
    I hope we can sign him long-term.

  2. i wonder if utley will teach him how he got the fans in this city to forget and ignore all his flaws.

  3. @ brandy101 – I couldn’t agree more.
    I heart him. He hustles – love that. He genuinly looks like he is so happy, lucky, and blessed at the fact that he gets to play baseball every day – spray painted spikes and all. Did I mention he hustles?
    One thing I’m not sure if anyone watching on TV caught on Sunday was when he ran out to right field at the beginning of the game. As soon as he got out there, he had the child waiting for him turn around and start waving to the crowd. The kid was jumping up and down and getting the crowd going even more. Absolutely awesome. I can’t get enough of #3 right now.
    Can you imagine his face when he runs on the field for his first postseason game as a Phillie? Talk about priceless!

  4. @ Dwayne,… stop hating, and since i remember you as being on ryan howards dick and hating utley whenever possible, i will share the following…. we forget Utley’s flaws, because he hustles all day everyday, he give 110% 100% of the time. When he gets put on the DL, he goes to train asap, and when not training he still studies film or does his rehab work with trainers. And he plays the game the right way. he doesnt show up on fox NFL sunday during a late september game(and in late season ALL the games count) he didnt go out to The Borgata banging 30 chicks(until his new fiance put the chains on him) and he doesnt sprain an ankle and walk on it at Dorney park…..

  5. I’ve been saying “let’s go eat” since I could talk. Not only did he not invent it, but everyfuckingbody who is male says this twice daily, if not more. But it does tell me I’m going to absofuckinglutely love this guy, as long as he plays like he should.

  6. @Adam you sound like a fag you really think utley wasnt banging out ton of groupie puntang while he was single hell he probably in the hotel room with his jumpoff right now in Colorado. i dont hate utley i just know he doesnt get as much criticism as the rest of the team. you guys have no clue what goes on in baseball clubhouses i see, instead of sitting around the clubhouse shooting pool and talking shit with teammates for hours he walked across the street to catch an eagles game. the greatest thing utley ever did was when he uttered “world fucking champions”

  7. @ dwayne…. way to back up your argument with facts, i think its time for you to change your tampon before you give yourself a yeast infection…. anyway if you have some more details to your firsthand “club house experiences” i would honestly like to hear them. but as of now not sure what the fuck you are talking about, you must have some insider knowledge that us simple minded folks dont have privilege to

  8. Actually if he doesn’t change his tampon he’ll get toxic shock syndrom and that shit is no joke…

  9. @Everyone: Arguing on a backwaters sports forum is like trying to decipher a Chris Chase article…give up.

  10. @adam there is a reason why they call it a “clubhouse”… go back and listen to dawsons hall of fame speech last year where he talked about hanging in the clubhouse until 2 and 3 in the morning drinking beer and doing other stuff then having to out and perform the next day. baseball players really define “the simple life” go out and fail 70% of the time and still get millions.
    get chase’s dick out your mouth then maybe you could think clearly and logically

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