Mike Richards called in to the FAN 590 in Toronto today. He spoke about Dry Island: [via Puck Daddy]

"It started out being more of a joke around the locker room. Something that we could do as a team, or joke around as a team, is to have something to joke around about.

"There was a handful of guys that did it — mostly younger rookie guys, first year or second year players. Then it went from being a fun thing to somehow getting out and then just exploding. Turned something that was really nothing into a big deal. It happens with the bloggers and the people in Philadelphia blowing things out of proportion.

"I did an interview last week and said I really have no regrets leaving Philadelphia, especially going out on that Dry Island thing."


It wasn’t a big deal to the current LA King.

Puck Daddy has comments from Danny Briere, as well.

It wasn’t just Dry Island, however, El Capitan spoke more about bloggers (Keyboard Warriors, as the blowhard host of the show called them):

“The pictures aren’t a bad thing, it’s more the rumors and people’s opinions, because it snowballs then people grab it and turn it into a story.

And now that it’s so competitive, that one [blogger] is competing against another guy with sources and coming up with stories and hearing something then trying to run with it, I think that’s kind of what gets people in trouble, too.

It’s those picture phones and the blogs that kind of get people in trouble, I think”


Who are these people of which he speaks?!

Listen to the interview here. Briere interview here.