Morning Wood: Blown

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Reader Dan asked me what I would call last night’s boner in D.C. I told him there was already a name for it: West Philly Gangbang

That’s not entirely true.

Instead of a single, surprising shot ringing out into the night, the death of Ryan Madson (and the Phillies) played out like an elongated, melodramatic Martin Scorsese scene. It’s as though Madson heard the car coming around the corner, stepped out into the middle of the street, watched the 1998 Plymouth Breeze stop just feet before him, and yelled, “You got one fucking shot, Zimmerman.”

Game over.

The Breeze then slowly pulled away after stopping to see the carnage and snapping a few pics.* This one, perhaps:

Screen Shot 2011-08-20 at 10.41.31 AM

The Phillies lost last night, 8-4.

*Often this sort of action results in retaliation…

Madson talked about his public death:

Here are the game highlights.

Both Cole Hamels and Jose Contreras will throw light bullpens today.

Perhaps this was a bad time for David Murphy’s column about the bullpen’s success.

Roy Oswalt will start tonight.

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9 Responses

  1. between this and the Halladay loss the other night… I’d really like to see these guys get a little more pissed after a loss. “These things happen” doesn’t fly.

  2. Whatever, as long as he doesn’t make a habit out of this, I’m fine with it. His ERA has inflated, and, as a result, his off-season value has decreased.

  3. I fell asleep feeding my 1 month old son last night..only to wake up to the 9th inning with 2 outs….i thought it was a nightmare…

  4. Maddog just screwwed the pooch last night hahahahahah. Or maybe the wrong poooch hahahahah. (t: so did Laddie Boy hahahahahah.)
    Come on lads, let it go. In the long run this will just be a wee little nightmare in a long dream-filled season. Laddie Boy would say: “Truth” hahahah

  5. Sure, last night’s meltdown by Ryan Madson was painful to watch (in my case, listen to), but hey, even “The Hammer of God” (a.k.a. Mariano Rivera) blows one every now and then. This is nothing to go crazy over, however, I agree with Bob Laidlaw that the boys do seem to take losses with something of a lackadaisical attitude, and that annoys me as well. Losses should churn in a player’s gut like the North Atlantic in December, especially nightmares like last night.

  6. I literally had a nightmare last night because of this game…
    Roy Halladay gives up 23 earned runs in his start on Sunday.

  7. Ya know I just read the first comment again and what a moronic comment that is.
    What makes you think they ain’t pissed? They’re not going to go all Kenny Powers in front of the press, and they’re not going to get stupid on the field (like what the SF midgets did to Shane).
    The best way to get revenge is to win and to do that they need to play smart, smarter, smartest. Not dumb like guys who think they need to act pissed all the time.

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