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Jeez, as if Tom McCarthy’s opening dissertation about the plight of the Dodgers wasn’t enough reason to take pity on the dying franchise (and your ears), perhaps watching Roy Halladay go to work in front of about 12 people, most of them Phillies fans, helped you locate your heart.

In the span about 22 months, Dodger Stadium has gone from a packed October house to a bleak, mostly empty aging structure. Sad, really.

The Phillies beat the Dodgers, 5-3. Full highlights can be found here.

For those of you who didn’t stay up late, know that the Phillies got out to an early 3-0 lead, and despite some hairy late-inning moments, were able to hold off the listless Dodgers.

Halladay was removed with one out in the seventh. Predictably, as you see above, he wasn’t too happy. The other aces, however, were having themselves a ball in tinseltown. There is a 99.9% chance they're talking about hunting here:

This video really needs to be dubbed over with some sort of cartoon crash-bang sounds. Or Boomhower.

Perhaps it was Lee’s enthusiastic chuckles combined with Doc’s intensity, but I had a dream last night that I was best friends with the two top aces and would ride with them in the bed of a Ford pickup truck following games. Each night, they would solicit me – the league minimum closer – for money to help add another right-handed bat. Really. I wanted Cliff to like me, so I obliged.

I think I need to get out more.

Thankfully, that was just a dream and the Phillies already have their much needed weapon- otherwise we wouldn’t be treated to such incredible screen grabs:

Hunter_pence_faceHungry Hunter face

One guy who is truly friendly with some of the Phils, Rob McElhenney from It’s Always Sunny, was in attendance with his wife, Kaitlin Olson. That’s them cheering for Doc as he left the game (Kaitlin in lower right).

Screen Shot 2011-08-09 at 8.15.34 AM


Placido Polanco has a sports hernia and surgery has not been ruled out. Not good.

In an ironic twist of fate, since Bruce Bochy helped set up a rotation that would have Doc skip right over the Giants – twice, the Giants were blanked by Charlie Morton, the Doc clone, last night. Sorry, Bruce.

H/T to (@ianhirsthermans), (@phillyguy_nati), and (@TheeBlueMeanie) for the grabs


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  1. Any shots of Emilio Estevez during the telecast? L.A. and Franzke were teeing off on him all night with some pretty vicious fat jokes. Lasted for multiple innings.

  2. In an ironic twist of fate, since Bruce Bochy helped set up a rotation that would have Doc skip right over the Giants – twice, the Giants were blanked by Charlie Morton, the Doc clone, last night.
    Man I fucking hate the Giants.

  3. LOL @ Hamels doubling over with laughter at the 0:30 mark of that vid.
    Also, top two aces? Tell your dreams there’s at least a triumvirate. Srsly.

  4. And as a nice big fuck you to the league, Victorino appeals the suspensions, gets to play, and just happens to score 3 runs in a game that his team wins by 2…when its good, its good

  5. man that always sunny actor Rob McElhenney turned into a slob. too many wings & cheese fries

  6. I think Oswalt was telling a story of clipping a mule deer with his truck, stopping to find it still alive and in pain, so he pulls a bat out of his car and takes a regular swing at it’s head…it drops but doesn’t die, so he starts in with with three or four more swings straight down…it finally expires and he tosses the 200+ pound carcass singlehandedly into the back of the truck to be dressed and butchered later at home…it’s currently being cured as deer jerky, to be shared amongst the team…

  7. So glad you caught that display by Oswalt! What a riot! They were saying what a good sign it was that he was feeling better. It’s always nice to see how well they all get along.

  8. Haha that was the best video of some of the aces together and what a screen capture of Pence. Visually one of your better posts 😀

  9. Rob McElhenney looks like he’s been treating himself to chickie’s crab fries and washing it down with a Steve’s Steak with double meat

  10. That guy in black with his arms up on the left of McElhenney looks like that actor who was in that boring arse fly-fishing movie with Brad Pitt. I believe he was also in one of those John Hughes (RIP) teenie-bopper movies from the 80’s (FU, MPH), starring with the always tasty Lea Thompson. If it is him, got to complahment him cause he’s ageing well.
    And McElhenney, like any true Son of Erin, is getting fat because his liver is beginning to quit from all the drinking. Better get on the transplant list PDQ, my son.
    BTW I watched the game on MLBN and they were playing the Dodger broadcast with Vin Scully. If you listened to that old geezer you’d believe that the Phillies had Matt Holliday and Frank Howard playing instead of Doc and The Big Piece. He also said some names funnily, like “Carlohz Row-ease” for Chooch and “Marteenis” (rhymes with penis) for Mini-mart. And they way he drones on… No wonder nobody goes to the games in person. They’re still at homes in front of their TVs, hipnotized from watching their last previous road game.

  11. OK, I figured it out (if it is him): Craig Sheffer. The Internets’ Movie’s Data Bases say he’s from York, PA.
    I also forgot one of his first roles was in “Fire With Fire”. Only memorable because a young delischuss butterheaded Virginia Madsen got nude in it. Poor girl is going to be 50 on September 11 this year. She still looks delischuss but I wonder if her funbags will still hang the way they did back in the 80’s (FU again, MPH).

  12. Just so everyone knows, Rob McElhenney got fat for the next season of always sunny because he thought it would be funny. I personally think thats awesome.

  13. “This video really needs to be dubbed over with some sort of cartoon crash-bang sounds. Or Boomhower.”
    How bout this:

    Probly just a wee bit before your time, eh Laddie?

  14. How bout this instead:

    “Give it to me… ONE TIME:
    Give it to me… TWO TIME:
    Give it to me… ZREE TIME, yeah:
    Give it to me… FOUR TIME:
    54-46, was my number.
    Right now, someone else has that number…”

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