News on Maclin Will Reportedly Come Tomorrow

According to Steve Greenberg of the Sporting News, we can expect (not bad) news about Jeremy Maclin tomorrow:

I'm told by a member of Jeremy Maclin's immediate family that there "definitely" will be news on Tuesday re: the Eagles WR's health. "He's fine, he's fine," says Maclin's family member. "That much I can say." Also is "confident" that Maclin will play this season. As for speculation Maclin's mysterious illness may be a dire matter, family member says: "It's not."


Phew. We'll have something as soon as it's passed along.

Butt slap to Bleeding Green Nation for the update

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12 Responses

  1. I bet earlier on HIV, but now this confirms it for me. He got chlamydia, let it go too long, and is now suffering from arthritic complications.
    Come on, J-mac, you’ve got to put that purple crayon you’re waxing with in a wrap, son!

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