Citizens_bank_park_winter_classicPhoto: Robert A. Ferguson

It looks like Frank Seravalli took some time out of his busy summer schedule – which I would imagine includes prolonged bouts of self-congratulating – to pass along a Winter Classic update. We'll let Franklin give you the details: []

That is all expected to change next week when the NHL will finally – formally and officially – announce Citizens Bank Park as the home of the 2012 Winter Classic between the Flyers and New York Rangers, a league source told the Daily News.

It will be by far the latest announcement of the summer compared to the previous four Winter Classic setups, each of which were announced in July.


As Frank said, this is the latest a Winter Classic has ever been announced. He also mentions that NHL officials have been at Citizens Bank Park several times over the last few weeks to hammer out final details. That sounds about right. I've heard from a number of folks that the Phillies were far from gracious in their negotiations with the NHL- not a surprise. From a business standpoint, the Phillies seem to be getting rather large for their britches (more on that at a later time).

Anyway, the Winter Classic should be announced next week. As such, we are creating a Winter Classic category (found here), which will update you on all things Winter Classic, leading up to the game. Bookmark the link, as we'll post every detail about the game, HBO's 24/7, and other tidbits.