Nnamdi Asomugha on Cover of This Week’s Sports Illustrated

Welcome to Philadelphia, where we're just better than you.

I've decided to embrace the role of heel that Philadelphia is rapidly casting itself into. Here's why people like underdogs: Because they're jealous of the top dog. It's that simple.

For so long, we've hated New York, Dallas, Boston, and other cities more successful in sport. Why? Not because they were any more evil or nefarious than other teams and cities, but because they always won, always got the best players, and always received the most attention.

We got hard-ons when the Phillies made rare national television appearances in the late 90s and early 2000s. Our city turned into one giant boner in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl XXXIX. And we lost our shit when Allen Iverson stepped over Tyronn Lou. Those were just a few of the brief instances where we felt like we belonged and, in some cases, were sticking it to the man.

That mentality is present all over the sporting landscape.

Fans hate the Lakers, the Yankees, the Cowboys, the Patriots, and Manchester United (futbol, yo). For the most part, these teams conduct business in a similar manner as their competition, only they do it better. The Phillies, Eagles, and perhaps even the Flyers if Homer proves to still be seated on his rocking chair, are all working their way into that pantheon of exalted sports franchises.

Twice in a row now, Philadelphia has bested New York in its quest for a top free agent. The Flyers are among the best, most profitable, and consistent franchises in the league. The Phillies are enjoying the best era in their history. And the Eagles are in the midst of one of the most improbable, bizarre, and fantastic off-seasons their sport has ever seen. It’s a good time to be a Philadelphia sports fan.

I guess this is all just a really long way of telling you that Nnamdi Asomugha is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, just two weeks after Carlos Ruiz graced the magazine’s front page.

The picture is via Philadelphian Bryan Graham, who works for Sports Illustrated and tells us this is the Eagles' 10th cover in the past eight years.

They were only on the cover five times in the magazine's first 50 years.

It’s nice being the center of attention.

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10 Responses

  1. With all due respect, we should start winning some shit before we say “Welcome to Philadelphia, where we’re just better than you.”
    We have one, just one championship in the last 27 years. Boston has won 7 in the last 10 years alone! The Yankess have more championships than all of Philadelphia’s franchises combined x 2.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am happier than a pig in shit with the last ten years of success Philadelphia’s teams have enjoyed. But signing all the best free agents in the world doesn’t mean dick if we don’t start winning some God Damn championships.
    Right now everyone envys us for bringing the hot chick to prom every year. But sooner or later we need to start banging that hot chick or people are just gonna make fun of us for never getting laid.

  2. bahahhahahaha omg love the prom reference. its a perfect analogy. perrrrrrfect :)now lets go boys!!! eagles flyers philliesss!! okkkk and union and sixerss ! (didnt want them to feel left outt)

  3. I couldnt agree with other adam more….. i am loving the spotlight on the city and its fans/teams, but the higher the pedestal the harder the fall…. so the reality check until we get more rings, is “philadelphia, we’re just better then you, at coming up short, or not meeting expectations, or failing” stealing the players is all well and good but we arent shit in the true measure of greatness… Still though the best city in the country!

  4. deja vu. weren’t we all saying this a few months ago when cliff lee was welcomed back to our eager bosom, the eagles came back from 500-7 to beat the giants, and the flyers did something equally cool which i can’t recall through the haze of pain still clawing at my chest after the Trades That Shall Not Be Named?
    not long after that euphoric, better-than-sex, we-own-the-sports-world feeling we were all bitch slapped back into reality with 2 horribly depressing post-seasons.
    yeah, like that other guy said, success is measured in championships, and we still have a long way to go.

  5. Ahhhh people hate Manchester United because of region.
    That’s right it’s more of a “where were you born” thing then the sporting team. Born in Liverpool, always a Liverpool Red. No questions asked, no changes, no give backs. It’s a bit different there.

  6. FINALLY! a Philly sports fan with the courage, self-awareness and honesty to admit publicly and to himself the REAL reason Philly fans are so consumed with “hatred” for so many other teams: Jealousy.

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