Of Course Darren Daulton Told a John Kruk Beer and Pizza Story in Front of 45,000 Fans

Just awesome.

What was better, however, was Kruk's quote about making it in Philly:

"You hear players, media people say it's tough to play in Philly in front of these fans. To those people, I say, you didn't have the guts to succeed here."


I don't think anyone has ever said it better.


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  1. “I don’t think anyone has ever said it better.
    Hey, Kyle, “Son of the Malvern Son.” Think you can survive for a week living my lifestyle, especiallly considering where I am in the city?

  2. Agreed about Hamels being hungover. These charity events are nice and all, but maybe they could schedule them better than that? Something was SERIOUSLY off with him, and that explanation makes sense…

  3. I’d agree that maybe Cole was hungover… but he has done charity events the DAY OF starts this year and pitched fine.
    I think yesterday was just your classic trap game: you come home from a long (and very successful) West Coast trip to face an vastly inferior team after an off day. To make it worse, you had pre-game festivities to screw with everyone’s preparation, plus you had Krukker telling these guys to savor their time in front of the fans. I think it all just adds up to being the classic trap game, and Cole was caught right alongside everyone else.

  4. Wow, just re-read that. Obviously Cole wasn’t drinking on the days of starts, and he may have been on Thursday night. But I still feel my trap game theory is the more likely scenario.

  5. The Phillies ALWAYS lose when they have a ceremony before the game. Always.
    The WS Ring ceremony? Loss. The Harry Kalas memorial? Loss.

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