Phillies Charity Auction Now Live, Be The First to Own a 2010 World Series Decal

Screen Shot 2011-08-29 at 3.45.34 PM
: Hey, come bid on a bunch of game-used crap and a 2010 World Series decal to remind you of how much last October sucked!

Me: Thanks, I’ll be in the corner sobbing and punching my dick in an uncontrolled fashion.


Good afternoon, the Phillies Tweeted a link to their Pro-Pack auction earlier today. It’s a noble cause, with proceeds going to Phillies Charities, but check out the items in the Postseason Memories Pack:

  • Ibañez Autographed 2009 World Series Banner.
  • Rollins Autographed 2010 Celebratory bottle (FJ 195194).
  • Utley Autographed cap (FJ 653279).
  • 2010 NLCS Program.
  • Mayberry Autographed 2009 NLCS Champions Locker Nameplate.
  • Manuel Autographed baseball (FJ 075761).
  • Lidge and Ruiz Autographed baseball.
  • 2010 Fall Classic decal banner.


A John Mayberry Jr. NLCS Champions locker nameplate? A John Mayberry Jr. NLCS Champions locker nameplate? John Mayberry Jr. was not on the 2009 NLCS roster. He was there (I think) as part of the 40-man roster, but he wasn’t even active, let alone playing in any games. Don't worry, though, he signed it! In related news, I just signed a Chase Utley game-worn jersey. The bidding starts at $400.

And then, of course, there’s the fond memory of the 2010 World Series… between the evil, spirit-crushing Giants and the Rangers. You can now own a decal to celebrate the historic clash. Perhaps a Cliff Lee Rangers hat would have been more appropriate. Then again, he lost both of his starts. Fuck.

Hurry! The opening bid starts at $250. Honestly, you'd be better off just donating the $250 and saving yourself the $25 shipping charge.

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4 Responses

  1. it seems your blog has changed,over the course of the summer, from sports commentary to kid shit vulgarity. “punching your dick uncontrollably”?. How you abuse yourself need not be shared. Seems like you’re doing more in mommy’s basement than the public needs to know. If the demographics of your following say this is what they want to hear, then carry on. As for me, you’re age and immaturity is showing. I’ll get my sports info from a more mature source. Don,t hurt yourself.

  2. Hahahahahah Fan (August 29, 2011 at 04:29 PM), that’s our Laddie Boy for you. This is what happens when your almost 30 and you live under the complete support of your ma and da. And the constant alcohol abuse will also have an effect on your maturity levels as well.
    Go easy on him for a bit though. He just suffered a lot of trama from this past week’s natural disasters. He’ll be off his kilter for a bit.

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