Photos: Cole Hamels’ Diamonds and Denim Event

Screen Shot 2011-08-12 at 8.45.10 AM

Cole and Heidi Hamels held their annual Diamonds and Denim event last night to raise money for their charity, The Hamels Foundation, which supports inner city schools. All ticket sales will go toward Philadelphia school grants in order to help local schools receive equipment or materials they are lacking. All other proceeds raised by the event support their school in Malawi, Africa.

Most of the Phillies were there, including Hamels, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Chase Utley, Hunter Pence, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino, Roy Oswalt, Kyle Kendrick, Ruben Amaro, and the Phanatic. You can view the full gallery here… the shot of Ruben with the VIP lanyard around his neck might be my favorite pic. Ever.

All photos taken by Dan Bello, who was there covering the event for us.

Screen Shot 2011-08-12 at 8.27.28 AM
Screen Shot 2011-08-12 at 8.27.28 AM

View the full gallery here.


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  1. lovin the pic of Clifton with lil Roy yawning in the background. Definitely not his scene.

  2. Ok Someone PLEASE tell me who the hell that blonde in the spandex jeans is?!?!? Shes smokin

  3. haha Kyle… it sure looks like it. Seriously, does anyone know who she is? Where she lives? If she likes strangers showing up at her door step?

  4. WTF joe blanton is def outof his league! Wonder how much he paid her? and i love that pic of Cliff with Royo in the background(pimp)… but the scene stealers are Big Roy and Chase

  5. how bout the girl on the right on the second pic you posted?
    that is def paint, ive studied SI swimsuit editions for years…

  6. btw if they opened up CBP last night and had this event on the field 40,000 people would have left the Linc to see this instead.

  7. 1. Hunter’s shirt is totally embarrassing.
    2. In fact, almost every guy besides Cole is dressed (predictably) horribly.
    3. How did the photog fail to get a pic of Mrs. Utley’s belly?!?!

  8. Just a bunch of champions returning home like gallant steeds trotting in unison to help the city and spread joy in troubled times through their platinum smiles and feats of strength, guile and raw determination on the battle field.

  9. I now know what a Camelot peasant felt like in the days of King Arthur (Rube) and the Knights Of The Round Table (Sir Cole, Sir Clifton, Sir Roys, and the newly knighted Sir Hunter, etc, etc) back in days of yore.

  10. Hey Iron Balls. Seaisle didn’t list Howard or Rollins either…I guess he’s a racist too.

  11. Why would you ever write about this and not the Eagles game? I know its preseason and I love the Phillies but come on

  12. @Joe – Because football is terribly boring and NO ONE in their right mind actually thinks the the eagles will do anything significant. It’s all smoke and mirrors… whereas, we all know that the Phillies will keep us warm at night, whether they win the world series or not.

  13. Every time I see a picture of Benny Francisco and his hot gf/wife/arm candy, I can hardly believe a 6th OF can get a body like THAT. Daaaaammmmn, kid.

  14. Just saw pics of Heidi and Jenna’s spread. its a decent look, but Ms Hamels kinda has big nips…. im sure they are lovely tho

  15. In response to Matt from Morton; Seriously had I known this could have been my future I would have never of quit little league to play lacrosse.

  16. Rumor is that Blanton has bear-can-girth. Why do you think they call him Phat Joe?
    I’m also amazed by Francisco’s wife. Maybe it’s me, but I think she’s a Major Hottie.
    I wonder who got to take home the Methuselah of vino ( )? They should have given it to that Fox reporter, as it looks like that bottle type is the same size as her mic, and it looks like she has experience in things shaped like those two objects.

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