Presenting Roy Halladay Eggs Benedict

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I really don't want to know what's in Roy Halladay's Special Sauce…

This comes from reader Shaun, who grabbed a shot of the menu at The Varsity in Ocean City (for my money, the best breakfast place at the Jersey Shore).

Couple items of note here: 1) They can now expect MLBPA to come a-calling in 3… 2) They didn't even try to be creative here, they essentially just threw Roy Halladay's name on the EB and called it a day. Let me perhaps suggest Roy Halladay's Perfect Pancakes, topped with 27 fruits and spices. See how much better that works?

All of that being said, I'm a sucker for faux-marketing and will absolutely buy these the next time I go. No questions asked. #letsgoeat

[UPDATE: Frank in the comments points out that it is a clever name. They used Halladay instead of Hollandaise sauce. Well played, The Varsity.]

Speaking of Ocean City and food (sometimes the transitions just write themselves)… last week, we showed you the trailer for the upcoming season of It's Always Sunny. Rob McElhenney gained 50 pounds for shooting, thanks to a little help from Chase Utley, who hooked Mac up with his nutritionist. Filming of some scenes actually took place in… wait for it… Ocean City. Boom: []

They shot in Ocean City, but McElhenney stressed, it's not about Ocean City.

"The city of Ocean City was unbelievably welcoming and really helpful, from the police, to the lifeguards. All of the vendors on the boardwalk were absolutely amazing. I just don't want them to think it's about Ocean City. And we went out of our way. In some shots, you could see like various Ocean City signage and we went through and digitally — which is expensive — painted it out, because I was so sensitive to that. I wanted to make sure that no one thought we were talking" about the famously dry town.


It looks like the relationship between McElhenney and Utley is a real home run.


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  1. The Eggs Benedict is fairly clever. Its supposed to be Halladaise sauce or however you spell it.

  2. “Frank in the comments points out that it is a clever name. They used Halladay instead of Hollandaise sauce.”
    Duh. Oh boy Laddie, the vodtka is really pickling your wee brain, isn’t it? But I guess you would have figured it out if hollandaze had vodtka as a main ingrediant.
    I love steak and eggs. Reminds me of RnR in Ozzie-land during the War. But really you’re supposed to fry the eggs in the juice and grease left by the steak. Same with the fried tomatoes (hash browns). Not quite as good as a full Irish breakfast with sausages, bacon, black and white pudding, and fried eggs, with a side of toasted soda bread and fried potato, and some fried tomato slices.
    OK, I need to go get some supper now. Nighty-nite, Laddie.

  3. thats awesome. i need to go there.
    one other thing. stop having ads that have sounds. like lincoln mkz ads. those fuckin suck.

  4. I’m going to ocean city on thursday for the first time, I’ll definitely look for it.

  5. May I also point out that the entire dish itself has a Philly flavor, further lending to the nickname. Traditional EB is English muffin, canadian bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise. No cheese steak on rye.
    Really, this whole dish is the exact opposite of how you originally described it…

  6. Yeah Dave, they should have called it “Eggs Halladay” or something. Who knows, maybe they’re always high and pickled from the fumes of spraying cleaner on the hot cooktops.

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